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  International Expo on Electric Power Tech& Equipment, Cable, Transformer, Power Station& Plant and Generator
Mar.23-25, 2005 Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China
Dear Sir/Madam:	
     We invite your attention to our earlier letter, with reference to the "The 5th China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition" and "The 3rd Shanghai International Transformer and Power Station& Plant Exhibition" to be held in Mar.23-25, 2005 Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China. 
Since China access to WTO, the electric power industry in our country is confronted with new opportunities and challenges. Chinese government policies are aimed to catch up and keep pace with the developed countries in this field, and is currently spending USD 1000 mil every year to restructure the existing Power Generation, Electro-Transmission& Electricity Distribution system.   
Through four-year development, currently, "China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition" and the accompanying exhibition have been the professional international trade hub in China with more specialization, higher level, bigger scope, and higher efficiency. "EPETEE" has become one of the most important windows for multinational enterprises entering into China. 
The annual "China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition" has the great reputation in the related industry. With the experiences accumulated for 4 years, it consecutively refurbished the scale, and the exhibition area exceeded 10000 m2 in 2004, with 470 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions such as USA, France, England, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, and the professional audiences exceed 30000. "China International Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition" has become the leading trade fair in the Electric Power industry.
 We seek your cooperation& support in making " EPETEE 2005" a higher success. It will be of great encouragement to the exhibition if you accept our invitation to participate in the exhibition. We also welcome you to be our sales agency in your country. We'll try our best to provide you with the most favourable prices and the best services. While, you may contact Consulate-General Commercial Section in Shanghai of your country for consultation.
We look forward to your positive response by fax +86-21-54253480 or email Stanley@zhongmao.com.cn If you are willing to accept the invitation and form a group to participate in the exhibition, or act as the sales partnership, so that we could work accordingly for the show and offer best prices and services. You may also visit our website www.zhongmao.com.cn or www.epetee.com for online information of our activities.
Best Regards
Stanley Ding ( Project Manager)
Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering
High Voltage Society 
Shanghai ZM Exhibition Service Co., Ltd	
Tel:+86-21-54592323-332  Fax:86-21-54253480
E-mail:  Stanley@zhongmao.com.cn
Website:   http://www.epetee.com