[Adduser-devel] Re: Adduser program templates modified (#260265)

Jordi Mallach jordi@debian.org
Mon, 26 Jul 2004 17:29:12 +0200

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On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 04:32:13PM +0200, Marc Haber wrote:
> With bug #260265, the English program translations of adduser have
> been cleaned up. We have tried not to fuzzy up translations by
> modifying the english text in the po/* files in the same way like the
> original texts.

The result of not fuzzying the files was probably worse than doing it,
when I tried to update the strings, as they were not easy to find
besides looking closely at the diff. Also, applying the patch made the
Catalan file have two duplicated entries (which is a fatal gettext

I have updated the file, which is attached.

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# Catalan messages for adduser.=0A# Copyright =A9 2002, 2004 Software in th=
e Public Interest, Inc. and others.=0A# This file is distributed under the =
same license as the adduser package.=0A# Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org>, =
2002, 2004.=0A#=0Amsgid ""=0Amsgstr ""=0A"Project-Id-Version: adduser 3.57\=
n"=0A"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"=0A"POT-Creation-Date: 2004-03-06 14:47+0100=
\n"=0A"PO-Revision-Date: 2004-07-26 17:25+0200\n"=0A"Last-Translator: Jordi=
 Mallach <jordi@debian.org>\n"=0A"Language-Team: Catalan <debian-l10n-catal=
an@lists.debian.org>\n"=0A"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"=0A"Content-Type: text/plain=
; charset=3DISO-8859-1\n"=0A"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"=0A=0A#: ../=
adduser:125 ../deluser:99=0Amsgid "No options allowed after names.\n"=0Amsg=
str "No es permeten opcions despr=E9s dels noms.\n"=0A=0A# "L'opci=F3 --foo=
 requereix"? jm=0A#: ../adduser:144=0Amsgid "--ingroup requires an argument=
=2E\n"=0Amsgstr "--ingroup requereix un argument.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:147=
=0Amsgid "--home requires an argument.\n"=0Amsgstr "--home requereix un arg=
ument.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:149=0Amsgid "Warning: The home dir you specifi=
ed already exists.\n"=0Amsgstr "Av=EDs: el directori personal que heu espec=
ificat ja existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:151=0Amsgid "The home dir must be=
 an absolute path.\n"=0Amsgstr "El directori personal ha de ser una ruta ab=
soluta.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:154=0Amsgid "--gecos requires an argument.\n"=
=0Amsgstr "--gecos requereix un argument.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:157=0Amsgid=
 "--shell requires an argument.\n"=0Amsgstr "--shell requereix un argument.=
\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:166=0Amsgid "--uid requires a numeric argument.\n"=
=0Amsgstr "--uid requereix un argument num=E8ric.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:169=
=0Amsgid "--firstuid requires a numeric argument.\n"=0Amsgstr "--firstuid r=
equereix un argument num=E8ric.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:172=0Amsgid "--lastui=
d requires a numeric argument.\n"=0Amsgstr "--lastuid requereix un argument=
 num=E8ric.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:175=0Amsgid "--gid requires a numeric arg=
ument.\n"=0Amsgstr "--gid requereix un argument num=E8ric.\n"=0A=0A#: ../ad=
duser:178 ../deluser:115=0Amsgid "--conf requires an argument.\n"=0Amsgstr =
"--conf requereix un argument.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:180 ../deluser:117=0A#=
, perl-format=0Amsgid "`%s' does not exist.\n"=0Amsgstr "=AB%s=BB no existe=
ix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:187 ../deluser:126=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Unkn=
own argument `%s'.\n"=0Amsgstr "L'argument =AB%s=BB =E9s desconegut.\n"=0A=
=0A#: ../adduser:193=0Amsgid "Only root may add a user or group to the syst=
em.\n"=0Amsgstr "Nom=E9s el superusuari pot afegir un usuari o grup al sist=
ema.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:198=0Amsgid "Enter a groupname to add: "=0Amsgst=
r "Introdu=EFu un nom de grup a afegir: "=0A=0A#: ../adduser:202=0Amsgid "E=
nter a username to add: "=0Amsgstr "Introdu=EFu un nom d'usuari a afegir: "=
=0A=0A#: ../adduser:207=0Amsgid "I need a name to add.\n"=0Amsgstr "Es nece=
ssita un nom a afegir.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:208 ../deluser:156=0Amsgid "No=
 more than two names.\n"=0Amsgstr "No es poden especificar m=E9s de dos nom=
s.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:210 ../deluser:159=0Amsgid "Specify only one name =
in this mode.\n"=0Amsgstr "Especifiqueu nom=E9s un nom en aquest mode.\n"=
=0A=0A#: ../adduser:231=0Amsgid "The --group, --ingroup, and --gid options =
are mutually exclusive.\n"=0Amsgstr "Les opcions --group, --ingroup i --gid=
 s=F3n m=FAtuament exclusives.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:267 ../adduser:297 ../=
adduser:603=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The group `%s' already exists.\n"=0Am=
sgstr "El grup =AB%s=BB ja existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:269 ../adduser:2=
99=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The GID %s is already in use.\n"=0Amsgstr "El =
GID =AB%s=BB ja est=E0 en =FAs.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:277 ../adduser:307=0A=
msgid "No GID is available in the range "=0Amsgstr "No hi ha cap GID dispon=
ible en el rang "=0A=0A#: ../adduser:280 ../adduser:310=0A#, perl-format=0A=
msgid "The group `%s' was not created.\n"=0Amsgstr "No s'ha creat el grup =
=AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:284 ../adduser:314=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid=
 "Adding group %s (%s)...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 afegint el grup %s (%s)...\=
n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:288 ../adduser:318 ../adduser:349=0Amsgid "Done.\n"=
=0Amsgstr "Fet.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:327=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The use=
r `%s' does not exist.\n"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari =AB%s=BB no existeix.\n"=0A=0A=
#: ../adduser:329 ../adduser:609=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The group `%s' d=
oes not exist.\n"=0Amsgstr "El grup =AB%s=BB no existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../add=
user:332=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The user `%s' is already a member of `%s=
'.\n"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari =AB%s=BB ja =E9s membre del grup =AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=
=0A#: ../adduser:337=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Adding user `%s' to group `%=
s'...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 afegint l'usuari =AB%s=BB al grup =AB%s=BB...\n=
"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:364=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "User %s does already exi=
st. Exiting...\n"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari %s ja existeix. S'est=E0 eixint...\n"=
=0A=0A#: ../adduser:370=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Adding system user `%s'..=
=2E\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 afegint l'usuari del sistema =AB%s=BB...\n"=0A=0A=
#: ../adduser:377 ../adduser:464=0Amsgid "No UID/GID pair is available in t=
he range "=0Amsgstr "No hi ha cap parella UID/GID disponible en el rang "=
=0A=0A#: ../adduser:380 ../adduser:393 ../adduser:467 ../adduser:480=0A#, p=
erl-format=0Amsgid "The user `%s' was not created.\n"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari =
=AB%s=BB no s'ha creat.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:390 ../adduser:477=0Amsgid "N=
o UID is available in the range "=0Amsgstr "No hi ha cap UID disponible en =
el rang "=0A=0A# Jo Tarzan, t=FA Jane? jm (dedicat a ivb :)=0A# Bah, ho can=
vie... jm=0A#: ../adduser:397 ../adduser:403 ../adduser:484 ../adduser:490=
=0Amsgid "Internal error"=0Amsgstr "S'ha produ=EFt un error intern"=0A=0A#:=
 ../adduser:408 ../adduser:495=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Adding new group %=
s (%s).\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 afegint el nou grup %s (%s).\n"=0A=0A#: ../ad=
duser:414 ../adduser:501=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Adding new user %s (%s) =
with group %s.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 afegint el nou usuari %s (%s) amb grup=
 %s.\n"=0A=0A# "No s'ha creat"? jm=0A#: ../adduser:428=0Amsgid "Not creatin=
g home directory.\n"=0Amsgstr "No es crea el directori personal.\n"=0A=0A#:=
 ../adduser:430=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Home directory `%s' already exist=
s.\n"=0Amsgstr "El directori personal =AB%s=BB ja existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../a=
dduser:432 ../adduser:517=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Creating home directory=
 `%s'.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 creant el directori personal =AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=
=0A#: ../adduser:457=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Adding user `%s'...\n"=0Amsg=
str "S'est=E0 afegint l'usuari =AB%s=BB...\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:511=0A#, p=
erl-format=0Amsgid "The home directory `%s' already exists.  Not copying fr=
om `%s'\n"=0Amsgstr "El directori personal =AB%s=BB ja existeix. No es copi=
ar=E0 des de =AB%s=BB\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:527=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "C=
opying files from `%s'\n"=0Amsgstr "S'estan copiant els fitxers des de =AB%=
s=BB\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:553=0Amsgid "Is the information correct? [y/N] "=
=0Amsgstr "=C9s aquesta informaci=F3 correcta? [s/N] "=0A=0A#: ../adduser:5=
55=0Amsgid "y"=0Amsgstr "s"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:560=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid=
 "Setting quota from `%s'.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 establint la quota des de =
=AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:599=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The user `%s'=
 already exists.\n"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari =AB%s=BB ja existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../=
adduser:600=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The UID `%s' already exists.\n"=0Amsg=
str "L'UID =AB%s=BB ja existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:605=0A#, perl-format=
=0Amsgid "The GID `%s' already exists.\n"=0Amsgstr "El GID =AB%s=BB ja exis=
teix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:611=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The GID %s does n=
ot exist.\n"=0Amsgstr "El GID =AB%s=BB no existeix.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:6=
56=0Amsgid ""=0A"To avoid problems, the username should consist of a letter=
 or\n"=0A"underscore followed by letters, digits, underscores, and dashes. =
For\n"=0A"compatibility with Samba machine accounts also $ is supported at =
the\n"=0A"end of the username\n"=0Amsgstr ""=0A"Per a evitar problemes, el =
nom d'usuari hauria de consistir d'una lletra\n"=0A"o subratllat seguit de =
lletres, d=EDgits, subratllats i guions. Per\n"=0A"compatibilitat amb compt=
es de Samba, tamb=E9 es permet =AB$=BB al final del nom\n"=0A"de l'usuari.\=
n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:665=0Amsgid ""=0A"Please enter a username consisting =
of a lower case letter\n"=0A"followed by lower case letters and numbers.  U=
se the `--force-badname'\n"=0A"option to allow underscores, and uppercase.\=
n"=0Amsgstr ""=0A"Si us plau, introdu=EFu un nom d'usuari que consisteixi d=
'una lletra min=FAscula\n"=0A"seguida de lletres min=FAscules i n=FAmeros. =
Utilitzeu l'opci=F3 =AB--force-badname=BB\n"=0A"per a permetre subratllats =
i maj=FAscules.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:670=0Amsgid "Allowing use of question=
able username.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 permentent l'=FAs d'un nom poc fiable.=
\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:681=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Selecting from %s %s (=
%s).\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 seleccionant des de %s %s (%s).\n"=0A=0A#: ../ad=
duser:746=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Removing directory `%s'\n"=0Amsgstr "S'=
est=E0 eliminant el directori =AB%s=BB\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:750=0A#, perl-=
format=0Amsgid "Removing user `%s'.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 eliminant l'usuar=
i =AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=0A#: ../adduser:754=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Removing gr=
oup `%s'.\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 eliminant el grup =AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=0A#: ../a=
dduser:787=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid ""=0A"adduser [--home DIR] [--shell SHE=
LL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID]\n"=0A"[--firstuid ID] [--lastuid ID] [--g=
ecos GECOS] [--ingroup GROUP | --gid ID]\n"=0A"[--disabled-password] [--dis=
abled-login] user\n"=0A"   Add a normal user\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser --system =
[--home DIR] [--shell SHELL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID]\n"=0A"[--gecos G=
ECOS] [--group | --ingroup GROUP | --gid ID] [--disabled-"=0A"password]\n"=
=0A"[--disabled-login] user\n"=0A"   Add a system user\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser=
 --group [--gid ID] group\n"=0A"addgroup [--gid ID] group\n"=0A"   Add a us=
er group\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser --group --system [--gid ID] group\n"=0A"addgr=
oup --system [--gid ID] group\n"=0A"   Add a system group\n"=0A"\n"=0A"addu=
ser user group\n"=0A"   Add an existing user to an existing group\n"=0A"\n"=
=0A"Global configuration is in the file %s.\n"=0A"Other options are [--quie=
t] [--force-badname] [--help] [--version] [--conf\n"=0A"FILE].\n"=0Amsgstr =
""=0A"adduser [--home DIR] [--shell SHELL] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID ]\n=
"=0A"[--firstuid ID] [--lastuid ID] [--gecos GECOS] [--ingroup GRUP | --gid=
 ID]\n"=0A"[--disabled-password] [--disabled-login] usuari\n"=0A"   Afegeix=
 un usuari normal\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser --system [--home DIR] [--shell SHELL=
] [--no-create-home] [--uid ID ]\n"=0A"[--gecos GECOS] [--group | --ingroup=
 GRUP | --gid ID] [--disabled-password]\n"=0A"[--disabled-login] usuari\n"=
=0A"   Afegeix un usuari del sistema\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser --group [--gid ID=
] grup\n"=0A"addgroup [--gid ID] grup\n"=0A"   Afegeix un grup d'usuari\n"=
=0A"\n"=0A"adduser --group --system [--gid ID] grup\n"=0A"addgroup --system=
 [--gid ID] grup\n"=0A"   Afegeix un grup del sistema\n"=0A"\n"=0A"adduser =
usuari grup\n"=0A"   Afegeix un usuari existent a un grup existent\n"=0A"\n=
"=0A"La configuraci=F3 global =E9s al fitxer %s.\n"=0A"Altres opcions s=F3n=
 [--quiet] [--force-badname] [--help] [--version] [--conf FITXER].\n"=0A=0A=
#: ../deluser:140=0Amsgid ""=0A"In order to use the --remove-home, --remove=
-all-files, and --backup "=0A"features,\n"=0A"you need to install the `perl=
-modules' package. To accomplish that, run\n"=0A"apt-get install perl-modul=
es\n"=0Amsgstr ""=0A"Per a utilitzar les funcionalitats --remove-home, --re=
move-all-files i --"=0A"backup\n"=0A"teniu que instal=B7lar el paquet =ABpe=
rl-modules=BB. Per a fer a=E7=F2, executeu\n"=0A"apt-get install perl-modul=
es\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:143=0Amsgid "Only root may remove a user or group =
=66rom the system.\n"=0Amsgstr "Nom=E9s el superusuari pot eliminar un usua=
ri o grup del sistema.\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:147=0Amsgid "Enter a groupname=
 to remove: "=0Amsgstr "Introdu=EFu el nom del grup a eliminar: "=0A=0A#: .=
=2E/deluser:149=0Amsgid "Enter a username to remove: "=0Amsgstr "Introdu=EF=
u el nom de l'usuari a eliminar: "=0A=0A#: ../deluser:155=0Amsgid "I need a=
 name to remove.\n"=0Amsgstr "Es necessita un nom a eliminar.\n"=0A=0A#: ..=
/deluser:208=0Amsgid "Looking for files to backup/remove...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'=
estan cercant fitxers a desar/eliminar...\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:236=0Amsgid=
 "Backuping files to be removed...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 fent una c=F2pia d=
e seguretat dels fitxers a eliminar...\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:246=0Amsgid "R=
emoving files...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'estan eliminant els fitxers...\n"=0A=0A#: .=
=2E/deluser:254=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Removing user `%s'...\n"=0Amsgstr=
 "S'est=E0 eliminant l'usuari =AB%s=BB...\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:261 ../delu=
ser:275 ../deluser:308=0Amsgid "done.\n"=0Amsgstr "fet.\n"=0A=0A#: ../delus=
er:269=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "There are users with `%s' as their primary=
 group!\n"=0Amsgstr "Hi ha usuaris amb =AB%s=BB com el grup primari!\n"=0A=
=0A#: ../deluser:272=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Removing group `%s'...\n"=0A=
msgstr "S'est=E0 eliminant el grup =AB%s=BB...\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:287=0A=
msgid "You may not remove the user from his/her primary group.\n"=0Amsgstr =
"No podeu eliminar a l'usuari del seu grup primari.\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:3=
01=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "The user `%s' is not a member of group `%s'.\n=
"=0Amsgstr "L'usuari =AB%s=BB no =E9s membre del grup =AB%s=BB.\n"=0A=0A#: =
=2E./deluser:304=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Removing user `%s' from group `%=
s'...\n"=0Amsgstr "S'est=E0 eliminant l'usuari =AB%s=BB del grup =AB%s=BB..=
=2E\n"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:315 ../deluser:334=0Amsgid "removing user and gro=
ups from the system. Version:"=0Amsgstr "elimina usuaris i grups del sistem=
a. Versi=F3:"=0A=0A#: ../deluser:359=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Global confi=
guration is in the file %s.\n"=0Amsgstr "La configuraci=F3 global est=E0 en=
 el fitxer %s.\n"=0A=0A#: ../AdduserCommon.pm:78=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "=
%s: %s doesn't exist.  Using defaults.\n"=0Amsgstr "%s: %s no existeix. S'u=
tilitzaran els valors per defecte.\n"=0A=0A#: ../AdduserCommon.pm:88=0A#, p=
erl-format=0Amsgid "Couldn't parse %s:%s.\n"=0Amsgstr "No s'ha pogut analit=
zar %s:%s.\n"=0A=0A#: ../AdduserCommon.pm:93=0A#, perl-format=0Amsgid "Unkn=
own variable `%s' at %s:%s.\n"=0Amsgstr "La variable =AB%s=BB en %s:%s =E9s=
 desconeguda.\n"=0A=0A#~ msgid "Adding new group $new_name ($new_gid).\n"=
=0A#~ msgstr "S'est=E0 afegint el nou grup $new_name ($new_gid).\n"=0A=0A#~=
 msgid "@_"=0A#~ msgstr "@_"=0A

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