[Adduser-devel] Some precisions about adduser's manpages

Nicolas François nicolas.francois@centraliens.net
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:18:05 +0200


I'm currently translating adduser's manpages to French, and I need some
precisions for some part of them. So here are some questions / remarks.

(English is not my natural language, this may explain some of the points

1 In deluser.8, line 39
  I think
    .BR " \-\-group " options, " deluser
  should be changed to
    .BR " \-\-group " option, " deluser

2 In adduser.8, line 110, I don't understand what the "master program" is.

3 In adduser.8, line 114, I don't understand:
  If an user with an uid in the system range (or if the uid is specified,
  with that) does already exist, adduser will exit silently.

  I've made some tests:
  # grep irc /etc/passwd
  # adduser --system irc
  adduser: The user `irc' already exists, and is not a system user.# echo $?

  # grep munin /etc/passwd
  # adduser --system munin
  The user `munin' already exists as a system user.Exiting...
  # echo $?

  So, adduser doesn't seems to exit silently (but the return value seems to
  be null in the case of a existing system group). Moreover, I don't
  understand when the part between the parenthesis can be applied).

  I'm proposing:
  If the specified user already exist as a system user, adduser will exit
  with a null return value.
  (english is not my natural language, this could require proof-reading)
  the part between parenthesis is not handle by this message.

4 Still in adduser.8, line 191:
  [...] user and group names are required to consist of [...]
  Dashes in the username are accepted as well.

  What about group names ? (sorry, I didn't tried)

5 deluser.conf.5, line 22
  Comment lines must have a pound sign (#) in the first line.
  Isn't it "at the beginning of the line"?

6 deluser.conf.5, line 36
  s/as no effect/has no effect/ ?