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shields Hinson discernible-predicament at ulis.ac.jp
Tue Aug 16 14:46:08 UTC 2005

Immediate Hot Pick

Symbol: GEECF
Strong Buy Recommendation:
Global Environmental Energy Corp.
7 Day Target: 3.00

Look for huge news to follow-up GEECF's blockbuster
announcement: GEECF Enters Alliance Agreement on 70,000 Barrel 
Per Day Oil Refinery. 25 Million Barrels of Oil will be refined 
annually representing cash flow of 1.5 Billion per year.

The former President of OPEC, Humberto Calderon Berti, has come 
on board to run GEECF 100% owned oil division, Sahara Petroleum. 
He is considered the most powerful figure in the international 
oil industry.

Berti has been involved, and is still involved today in the 
exploration and production of the world's largest oil 
discoveries. He is also President and CEO of GEECF's partner, 
Vetra Oil Group.
Perhaps the most significant factor is the bottom-line dollars 
commanded by Berti for his involvement in oil exploration and 
production projects. You can be assured that each project 
yields a minimum of 10 to 20 Billion annually for Berti to 

Look at the pieces of the puzzle coming together. It is clearly 
obvious that the former OPEC President has orchestrated a 
monster of a deal involving an oil-rich property jointly owned 
by Sahara (GEECF) and Vetra Oil. Although no one is talking, 
in the last 90 days GEECF brings in Berti, who brings in Vetra 
Oil (whose clients are the world's largest oil super-majors), 
followed by the entry of a developer and refinery. Even though 
no specific oil deal has been disclosed, GEECF just revealed 
that they will "refine a large portion of its own oil at the 
new refinery."

Fact: Billions in Oil Revenue for GEECF with only 35 million 
shares outstanding could easily translate into 5 or 10 dollars 
net per share earnings, designating GEECF as a hot, mid-tier 
oil player with NYSE qualifications.

If this were the whole story, it would be more than ample 
reason to rate GEECF as our hottest pick of the year. However, 
in addition, there is a GEECF subsidiary dealing in the 
waste-to-energy sector that has secured a 10 Billion, 5-year 
contract with Chinese Government-run companies, including 
Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE: YZC, 44) to supply their technology 
throughout China.

There are no other companies on the OTC that can match-up with 
GEECF and their Multi-Billions in deals on the table. GEECF 
shares will continue to soar and reward aggressive investors. 
GEECF is on target for record-breaking revenues while turning 
savvy market players into millionaires as the value of their 
oil projects are revealed.

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