LEVI DAVID levidavid2005 at walla.com
Tue Dec 27 17:19:48 UTC 2005

I am Mr. David Levi, a citizen of the Republic of Mauritius. I was employed in a financial firm in Mauritius that helped  Mr Jean takama to deposit a hugh some of money to the tune of 3 million dollars in Spain..
While I was still active in the firm I controlled a number of private accounts,  one of them belonged to Late Mr. Jean Takama who died in a ghastly motor accident  without him willing the fund outside of Mauritius to a next of kin as he did not want the Goivernment to know and tax him on the fund.
I will appeal to you to act as the next of kin to the funds so that we may prepare the necessary legal documentation, that would allow the remittance to you legally.
If a claim is not put forward, eventually the funds will become forfeited to the State as there was no known beneficiary name put forward before he died. He was a businessman who made lots of money one way or the other.
 Believe you me, there is no risk involved, since all the necessary documents and paper work establishing the claim will be imputed in the necessary database and the remittance will be effected within the legality of the law.
I am prepared to give you 40% of the total deposit if you agree to act as beneficiary to the deposit. To proceed,  I need you full names and contact information to facilitate the necessary procedures, thereafter we shall employ the services of an attorney to file officially for the claim.
Do respond via : levidavid2005 at walla.com  ,  davidlevi2005 at latinmail.com
David  Levi

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