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Irwin Energy Inc (IWNN)
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Breaking News!!

Jul 8, 2005 -- Irwin Energy, Inc. (IWNN - News) is pleased to provide 
an overview of ongoing exploration projects.

Currently, IWNN has a joint venture with Montana Oil & Gas Inc. (MOGI) 
and contractual obligations with Energy 51 Inc. ("E51"), a private, 
Calgary-based oil and gas exploration Company to drill a series of 
exploration projects on a preferred basis in Western Canada. IWNN also has a 
joint venture agreement with Crossroads Exploration & Production, LLC, a 
private, Louisiana-based oil and gas exploration Company, to drill 
projects in Arizona over the next years.

At present, IWNN has working interests in the following projects:

In Alberta, Canada:

* The Westlock Project (12.5% working interest) -- The Operator has 
moved the production on the 1-5-60-25W4M West Lock gas well up to between 
500 and 675 thousand cubic feet per day, or just over a hundred barrels 
of oil a day equivalent. 

* The Sylvan Lake Project (5% working interest) -- this area is 
controlled in a large part by Energy Trusts, which do little drilling and 
welcome industry farm out offers. This prospect has the potential to 
encounter both oil and gas in several (5) Mississippian rock formations. 

In Arizona, USA

* The Concho Dome Project (20% working interest) -- IWNN has agreed to 
drill a 3,223-foot well with the Permian Supai formation as a primary 

About Irwin Energy, Inc.

Irwin Energy, Inc., based in Vancouver, B.C. was founded for the 
purpose of engaging in the exploration for and acquisition, development and 
production of crude oil and natural gas, and for other related 
activities. In the oil and gas arena, Irwin Energy seeks out low-risk 
opportunities to develop positive cash flow from proven and probable oil and gas 
plays. Irwin Energy plans to grow exclusively through efficient 
reinvestment of its internally generated cash flow in exploration and 
production operations, and through limited external financing to build 
ancillary businesses.


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