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**Get KKPT now and actually benefit from the high cost of gas

A growth company that is focused on the exploration and development of prolific oil and gas properties in the south eastern United States. 
Current Price: 1.90 

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H0T NEWS released  MUST READ - ACT N0W
Oct. 14, 2005--KOKO Petroleum Inc. (KKPT - News) announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent with JMT Resources, Ltd. Fort Worth, Texas. KOKO will participate in the Development of JMT's polymer flood pilot program on its 4,000 acre leasehold located in Corsicana, Texas. 

The pilot program consists of implementing a polymer based flood in a specific area of JMT's acreage. The 4,000 acre leasehold, known as the Corsicana Field is the oldest oil field in Texas and was discovered in the 1890's by a company that eventually became Mobil Oil. 

Ted Kozub CEO of KOKO Petroleum Inc. stated the following; "KOKO has an 0pp0rtunity to become involved with veteran oil people in the development of this field that combines technology with vast resources. We have created a structure that mitigates our downside risk while exposing us to tremendous upside potential. This is an important step in KOKO Petroleum's financial development and we feel it will translate to significant shareholder value." 


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