[Adduser-devel] PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP (dont treat as a junk mail)

Obed Amin obedamin at maktoob.com
Tue Nov 22 18:41:20 UTC 2005

Compliment of the seasons to you and your household. 
I am writing this mail to you from where I take my refuge. Although, this mail will be coming to you as a surprise basically because you knew me from no where and have in no way met before, but do not be frightened at what the content of the letter will be. It is coming to you as a seek for an assistance and at same time a business opportunity which we both will benefit from.
Firstly, I am Obed Amin, a Zimbabwean nationality residing in Iraqi. I am 33yrs old and a father of 2 boys and a girl. My wife and kids are currently in Zimbabwe my home town owing to the Iraqi war of which you are aware of. 
My purpose of writing this is to seek for assistance and a partner possibly. I live and work here as a business person from where I take care of my family. I have been in Iraqi for close to 13yrs now. 
Unfortunately, we were forced to leave our business location by the war and anarchy, terrorism here but I and Mr. Godwin Muzungu came across some sum of foreign currency coated with black in a box positioned at the corner of the war damaged building beside the previous open market place. 
Although, we are not able to confirm the precise amount but it has a letter in it which was addressed to one Mrs. Angelina Smith and her 2 kids. The letter says it has in the box a sum total of US$14.4Million. 
We took the box out of the location and made a contact with a security company where I claimed that the money belongs to me that I want to secure it to be used for the purchase of industrial materials. I have successfully deposited it with them. I also have the plans of lifting it to the United Arab Emirates, from where I can fly out to any other country easily before making other contacts. 
The security company also promised to lift the money to UAE, China, Hong Kong, Holland, where they have their affiliate company and equally informed me to present a foreigner who would stand as the beneficiary so that it could be lifted at once. 
I then wish to know if you would stand as my partner so that we can secure the money. If you are not in UAE, may I know if you could travel to UAE for us to meet there and conceal the transaction while every one of us takes his percentages? 
You can as well write to inform me what percentage you would require for the assistance before we can move on. Do note that there is no risk in this because I have done all I should to avoid any suspicion about the money.
Please respond through my private e-mail address. (obed_amin at maktoob.com)
I will be waiting earnestly to your swift response. 
Thanks and may God bless you and your family. 
Mr. Obed Amin.  

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