Maria Sargent immcwacyaoxffq at bkc.ritsumei.ac.jp
Tue Oct 18 05:14:56 UTC 2005

The United States HealthCare E-mail DATABASE
The United States Healthcare Email Database is a comprehensive 
NEW product that is offered exclusively on a limited-time basis.  
This complete database includes all hospitals, nursing homes,  
HMOs, assisted living facilities, medical centers and physicians 
in the country.  It has never been offered to the industry before.
In a rapidly-changing industry, current healthcare information is 
an invaluable resource to businesses and organizations.  
The United States Healthcare Email Database includes comprehensive 
information, including email addresses, on more than 7,000 hospitals, 
25,000, 400,000 doctors and other institutions.  It is the most 
extensive and reliable database of key decision makers in the 
healthcare market.   In addition to email addresses for senior
 managers and high-level executives, it also offer physical mailing 
addresses as well as phone/fax numbers.
Imagine the increase in marketing and sales effectiveness made 
possible by targeting the key contacts by name. If reaching the right 
decision maker is critical to the success of your direct marketing 
campaigns, then this is the product.
Each record is indexed by such features as name, address, phone and 
fax and, for the first time, emails..  The database is available in 
Excel format on CD Rom.  It is designed for mailing lists and merges.  
The data can be selected by state or other criteria. During this 
special offer, it can be used on an unlimited basis.
During this introductory offer, the cost of this completely new 
database (which is available exclusively on CD-Rom) is $279.00 
(reg. $1,095).   The promotional code for this exclusive offer 
is 4477.
To order The United States HealthCare Email Database?, please complete 
the information below and fax it to 905-751-0199 (Tel: 905-751-0919).  
Your organization will be invoiced accordingly.

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