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STRONG Momentum Alert:
Advantage Capital Development Corp (AVCP)

A business development company, which operates specifically to meet the 
needs of small and emerging companies that need capital to grow. 

Symbol: AVCP
Current Price: 0.15

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H0t Press Release: Advantage Capital Development Corp

Advantage Capital Development Corp. Portfolio Company Pays Down Senior 
Secured Debenture Aug. 17, 2005-- Advantage Capital Development Corp. 
announced today that one of its portfolio companies, Global IT Holdings 
Inc., has reduced its debt to the company with a recent payment of 
$250,000 against its senior secured debenture. 

Advantage Capital Development Corp. recently increased its stake in 
Global IT Holdings from 15 to 22 1/2 percent. Global recently completed a 
merger with High Road International, Inc. In accordance with the 
transaction the new public entity is now named Global IT Holdings, Inc. 
Global IT Holdings, Inc. now owns eighty-five (85%) percent of all of the 
fully diluted shares of the pink sheet company. 

"We are very pleased with our investment in Global," said Jeffrey 
Sternberg, President and CEO Advantage Capital Development Corp. "They've 
leveraged our relationship to its fullest extent and utilize our funding 
to enhance their growth strategies." 

According to Sternberg, Global is pursuing a growth strategy and is 
currently at various stages of negotiations with four possible 
acquisitions in the IT staffing industry. 

"Through its subsidiaries Platinum IT Consulting and Parker Clark Data 
Processing, Global IT Holdings is managing its internal growth while 
actively seeking out acquisitions that are compatible with its core 
business," Sternberg said. 

Platinum IT Consulting and its associated company, Parker Clark Data 
Processing have served the New York and New Jersey Markets for 25 years 
and have combined annual revenues in excess of $5 million. 

According to the American Staff Association, U.S. annual sales for 
temporary help totaled $63.3 billion in 2004, nearly on par with the 
industry's sales peak in 2000 and 12.5% more than 2003. According to the 
Association, for the past three decades the industry has grown at a rate of 
10 percent a year and additionally, ninety percent of U.S. companies 
use temporary staffing services. 

About Advantage Capital Development Corp. 

Advantage Capital is a business development company, which operates 
specifically to meet the needs of small and emerging companies that need 
capital to grow. Business development companies, as defined under the 
Investment Act of 1940, are specifically designed to encourage the growth 
of small businesses. The rules provide certain financing advantages for 
companies that invest in small and emerging businesses. As a result, 
this will include investing in both public and private entities using 
certain types of debt and equity financing not normally available to other 
public companies. 


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for all but very aggressive-investors. This Profile is not in any way 
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to distribute this report. This report is for entertainment and 
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