[Adduser-devel] Bug#381923: rpcinfo: can't contact portpammer: RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Aug 7 19:59:41 UTC 2006

Package: adduser
Version: 3.95
Severity: normal

If the nis-package is installed and available,
executes '/usr/bin/rpcinfo -p'.

If portmap isn't running, rpcinfo returns:

  rpcinfo: can't contact portmapper: RPC: Remote system error - Connection refused

Running 'adduser $USERNAME' prints 3 of those messages:
one for 'Adding user', one for 'Adding new group' and another one
for 'Adding new user ... with group ...'.

Would be nice to improve handling of nis "error messages" as people
seem to interpret the message as a bug.


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