[Adduser-devel] Refi-Update

Home-Quotes Ferreira_morphism at laser-rechargetx.com
Thu Feb 2 22:16:45 UTC 2006

Update: February 2, 2006 

We realize many homeowners struggle and that makes it difficult 
to maintain good credit. But we specialize in poor credit cases- helping 
to refi even with poor credit, helping you lower your monthly 
burden and build back your credit. 

You will receive the lowest rate possible in your special circumstance
Take a minute to see how easy it can be to lower your rate and save
every month. 


NOTE: This deal is time sensitive and won't last. No we can't guarantee 
what rate you will get or what amount (hey at least we 
are being honest), but we can tell you that we work with some of the
best in the business and they will do all they can to help you.

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you opted in to recieve messages from a third party.
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