[Adduser-devel] Processed: Merge

Filipus Klutiero ido at vif.com
Thu Feb 9 03:44:23 UTC 2006

Marc Haber a écrit :

>severity 351681 important
>severity 351609 important
>severity 351919 important
>Please refrain from messing around with other people's bug reports
>without explaining your intentions.
>The bug is most probably fixed in 3.82 - at least no confirmation that
>the bug still happens with 3.82 has been received.
Hi Marc,
I have adjusted the severity of two bugs bumping them from serious to 
grave so that they could be merged. You had attempted to merge those 
bugs except the grave one two times but failed due to an invalid syntax 
or due to the incompatible state of those bugs. My intention was to help 
you to merge the duplicate bugs (it sounds silly that a user helps a 
developer merging bugs, but we do have a somewhat silly BTS :) ). I 
added the grave one to the merge since it was opened today. The bug is 
clearly at least serious as it has been reported at least 6 times during 
the 3 previous days and you acknowledged that severity already. IMO this 
also makes it grave, but this isn't worth arguing much. I also think the 
bugs should be closed, but since you hesitated to do that yesterday, I'm 
letting that to you.

I think the bug should be upgraded to serious or grave, but this has no 
real importance now that it seems to be fixed, so I'm not proceeding to 

Thanks for your work and your quick reaction on this issue.

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