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Mon Jan 16 21:58:46 UTC 2006

CWTD Begins Climb, P R I C E  U P  13.3%, After New Release.

CWTD announces appointment of Chi Ming Chan as it s new CEO. Mr. Chan has a long history 
working with and developing  successful publicly traded companies. His direction will 
take CWTD to a new level for the company and higher returns for its investors.

Just look at what happened in the market once they announced his appointment.

Company: China World Trade Corporation
Symbol: CWTD
Friday Open: $1.20
Friday Close: $1.36
Volume: UP 182,476
Short Term: $2.25 - $2.50
Note: New Press Release
Indicator: S T R O N G   B U Y

CWTD is a widely diverse corporate services company with a great deal of influence 
in the international market. Advising some of the most powerful companies in the 
rapidly growing Asian market gives it strategic alliances that keep pushing this 
company further up the financial ladder.

Our Viewpoint:

Last time this stock released an announcement like this it climbed in price and volume 
and made many of our members a healthy return on their investment. Make sure you get 
in on CWTD first thing Tuesday.

Just Read The News:

China World Trade Corporation Announces the Appointment of Chi Ming Chan as New Chief 
Executive Officer

TIANHE, GUANGZHOU, China, /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China World Trade 
Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CWTD) announced today, the appointment of its new 
Chief Executive Officer, Chi Ming Chan who has served as the Company's General Manager 
since the beginning of 2005. John Hui, the Company's current Chief Executive Officer 
will remain as Vice Chairman and Director of the Company and his role will be mainly 
focused on the Company's potential mergers and acquisitions strategy. Mr. Hui will 
continue to be a key strategic advisor to the Company.

Mr. Chan, Chief Executive Officer of China World Trade Corporation (CWTD) stated, 
"I am honored and excited to become CWTD's new chief executive officer and to help 
strategically steer the company to near-term growth and execution on management's 
corporate initiatives. I have been involved with driving the company's operational 
activities for over a year and believe we have a strong position in China's travel 
industry. We also continue to maintain our position as the leading global platform 
and provider of value added services to international companies operating their 
businesses in China. I strongly believe in the market opportunities and look forward 
to aggressively pursuing our growth strategy and continuing Mr. John Hui's legacy of 
delivering long-term value to our shareholders."

Mr. Chan comes from an extensive background in strategic planning, corporate 
development, and project implementation as a Director and General Manager of the 
Registrant. Before joining the Registrant, Mr. Chan was a Corporate Development 
Strategist for Renren Holding Ltd., a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock 
Exchange. Mr. Chan also founded Asian Information Resources Ltd. in 1995, which 
eventually listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1999.

As a specialist in Chinese law and China affairs, Mr. Chan is an expert in networking, 
internet technology, database technology and management of technical resources. He 
developed an electronic database system for the Law-on-Line project of the University 
of Hong Kong and has provided technical consultancy to this project since 1991. He has 
also developed the Dongguan Network, which has become a successful model for other 
cities in China and was appointed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a consultant 
for the TA Project No. 2702 -- Study on PRC Legal Information System and the Electronic 
Data Expert for the TA project No. 3000. Mr. Chan currently serves as a Director of China 
Datacom Corporation. Mr. Chan holds a Master of Law degree from Lancaster University, the 
United Kingdom, and a Master of Physics degree from the University of Hong Kong.

About China World Trade Corporation

China World Trade Corporation (CWTD) has established its business in three distinct areas: 
the club and business centers throughout major cities in China, business travel-related 
services, and business value-added services. The Club and Business Center Division is 
devoted to the building of the World Trade brand throughout China via the opening and 
operating of business clubs in China's major cities, positioning the CWTD to act as a 
platform to facilitate trade between China and the world markets. The acquisition of CEO 
Clubs China Limited ("CEO Clubs") in May 2004 further complements CWTD's offerings by 
targeting high-level corporate executives from premier companies. The Business Traveling 
Services Division, New Generation, provides CWTD access to the rapidly growing 
travel-related industry. New Generation is a pioneer and market leader in the travel 
agency business through its strong network of ticketing sales operations throughout 
Southern China. The Business Value-Added Services Division focuses on value-added services 
of credit cards, merchant-related business services, as well as consultancy services to 
CWTD members and clients. Guangdong World Trade Link Information Services Limited 
("WTC Link"), a subsidiary of CWTD, manages the Company's co-branded credit card project 
and is an active provider of CRM solutions and services in China.

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