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Leland Delong bcoving at cirp.es
Wed Jan 25 07:16:23 UTC 2006

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HotStockChat.com Features CWTD To Its Members, This Stock Is Hot

Company:  China World Trade Corporation
Trading High:  $1.64
INFO:  Featured Listing
SHORT:  $2.00 - $2.30
INDI CATOR:  strong buy

Again CWTD hits the spotlight as HotStockChat.com informs it members of its 
high performance.

The buzz is moving around the market news about CWTD. More cmopanies are listing 
this stock as wel performing and recomending it for review by its customers. Like 
we have been telling you members this one is continuing to build to a high dollar 

Read up on the company below:

Company News: 

China World Trade Corporation has established its business in three distinct areas: 
the club and business centers throughout major cities in China, business 
travel-related services, and business value-added services. The Club and Business 
Center Division is devoted to the building of the World Trade brand throughout 
China via the opening and operating of business clubs in China's major, positioning 
the CWTD to act as a platform to facilitate trade between China and the world markets. 
The acquisition of CEO Clubs China Limited ("CEO Clubs") in May 2004 further 
complements CWTD's offerings by targeting high-level corporate executives from 
premier companies. The Business Traveling Services Division, New Generation, 
provides CWTD access to the rapidly growing travel-related industry. New Generation 
is a pioneer and market leader in the travel agency business through its strong 
network of ticketing sales operations throughout Southern China. The Business 
Value-Added Services Division focuses on value-added services of credit cards, 
merchant-related business services, as well as consultancy services to CWTD members 
and clients. Guangdong World Trade Link Information Services Limited ("WTC Link"), 
a subsidiary of CWTD, manages the Company's co-branded credit card project and is an 
active provider of CRM solutions and services in China.

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