[Adduser-devel] adduser for experimental

Stephen Gran sgran at debian.org
Tue Jun 13 10:55:38 UTC 2006

Hello all,

Quick summary:
Quite a bit of work has been done on adduser over the last few weeks,
and I'd like to see at least some of it release with etch.

New features:
  * allow additional groups to be used for a new user
  * Fix "adduser: adduser:" output of error messages.
  * Fix error messages like "foo ", gtx( ..., whch does not produce
    output at all.
  * Honor system PATH, do not hard-code paths to sub-programs.
  * New test for additional groups
  * man page typo fixups
  * Translations:
    * (fr)
    * (it)

Altogether, this upload would close about a dozen bugs.  However, since
it involves a substantial amount of new code, I don't think it's a good
idea to go straight to unstable.  In consultation with Zugschlus, I
think it's a good idea to prepare a package for upload to experimental,
so as to work out any bugs in the new code before considering this a
release candidate.  However, first, I would appreciate it if others
could take a look at the recent additions to make sure I or others have
not made any obvious errors.

Thanks all,
|   ,''`.                                            Stephen Gran |
|  : :' :                                        sgran at debian.org |
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