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I have a new email address!You can now email me at: mail2f_j at yahoo.ca

Dear Friend,

Do accept my sincere apologies if my mail does not meet your personal ethics. I will introduce myself as Mr. Frank Jones, a staff in the accounts management section of the CITI FINANCE BANK LONDON here in London.

One of our accounts with holding balance of £5,000,000(Five Million British Pounds) has been dormant and has not been operated for the past Six (6) years.

>From my investigations and confirmations, the owner of this account,is a foreigner by name Kurt Kahle, 51 years, died in the crash with his 37-year-old wife and son Michael, aged eight. Mr Kahle ran a private

business school. "He was well liked, always laughed and had a smile. He knew how to live life to the full, more details. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/859479.stm

And since then nobody has done anything as regards the claiming of this money because he has no family members who are aware of the existence of neither the account nor the funds.

I have secretly discussed this matter with a senior officials of this company and we have agreed to find a reliable foreign partner to deal with. We propose to do business with you, standing in as the NEXT OF KIN to the funds of the deceased and fund will be released to you after the due process is done.

This transaction is totally free of risk and as the fund is legitimate and does not originate from drug, money laundry, terrorism, illegal act. On receipt of your response I will furnish you with detailed

clarification as it relates to this mutual benefit transaction.

I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible if you are interested. You can send down your phone number for oral discussion.

Best Regards,

Mr. Frank Jones

- Frank Jones

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