HASSAN SALISU haassa at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 23 06:31:11 CET 2007

 Dear Friend,

 I bring forward to you a business initiative that will be  of utmost benefit to you and i. This business offer is an opportunity is as a result of my recent appointment  into a committee known as the Special Internal Debt Clearing Commission (SIDCC) set up by the present administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo of the Federal Republic 
of Nigeria to clear all the internal Debt our country is oweing its foreign contractors. 
 This was actually made possible as a result of the Debt relief that was granted our beloved country recently by the Paris Club of creditor Nations and also the current increase in the price of crude oil in the International Market which is the major source of our Countries income being the 6th largest producer of crude oil. 
 With the resolve of this Present Administration to clear all our country's internal debt, we were given between now to the end of May 2007 to make sure that we pay up all foreign contractors that the country is oweing any amount of money so as to help redeem the image of our beloved ountry.
 My dear, in order not to take much of your time, i being the Chief Supervisory Officer of the commission, do make you an offer to help assist in claiming the sum of $140,470,000 since the contractor whom executed a contract for the supply of pipeline materials for the repair of our Kaduna and Warri Crude Oil Refinaries has up till now refused to turn up after several attempt to contact him. 
I will so much appreciate your reply indicating your interest to assist me on this for i will want you to know that with me being a key member of the commission claiming of this funds will not pose any problem for 
us, with your full cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,

Hassan Salisu


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