[Adduser-devel] Changes to man pages

Stephen Gran sgran at debian.org
Wed Feb 28 12:53:19 CET 2007

This one time, at band camp, Christian Perrier said:
> OK, I sent all call for updates:
> -3 call for existing translations updates to existing translators,
> giving them March 3rd 23:59UTC as deadline
>  That means you can plan the upload for March 4th
> -3 call for new translations, in debian-i18n, with March 15th as
> deadline (this assumes that the former version went to testing), thus
> an upload an 16th. That one can make it to etch only if we don't
> release before March 26th. Pretty unsure, but we'll see anyway.

This one time, at band camp, Christian Perrier said:
> Ah, something I forgot: I'll have a look at translations that come in
> to just check they're correct. If I don't followup, they're correct,
> otherwise, I'll answer to the bug report and the translator.

Thank you very much, Christian!  That's amazingly helpful.  It was on my
list to do for today, but I'm still fairly sick from FOSDEM, and I
haven't gotten to it yet.
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