[Adduser-devel] Bug#405905: Rationale

Philippe Cloutier philippe.cloutier.2 at ulaval.ca
Sat Jan 20 02:31:00 CET 2007

Sorry for the delay, I submitted from an invalid email address.

>Please give a reason for the change
It is more likely that the information entered is correct than 
incorrect. Therefore the default should be that it's correct.

> and explain why it is a good idea
>to have this long-standing behavior changed, which might cause
>confusion in users.
Having the default answer be the most common answer will save time to 
adduser users.

>Many unix tools operate on this (perhaps faulty) logic of 'do nothing
>until confirmation', so this is a paradigm I am comfortable and familiar
I was not aware of such a "paradigm" (despite years of using Unix as 
main OS).

>What benefits do you see coming from changing a long term
Explained above.

>and can you describe how it outweighs the danger brought in by
>change (e.g., admins whose fingers are used to hitting enter when they
>make a mistake)?
I don't see any "danger" in creating a user with incorrect information.

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