[Adduser-devel] Bug#415006: Bug#415006: Why does this apply to the man page?

Stephen Gran sgran at debian.org
Tue Jul 10 21:20:57 UTC 2007

This one time, at band camp, Helge Kreutzmann said:
> Hello,
> I just saw that you simply closed "old" translations. May I ask you
> why?
> a) This bug is about a man page translation, to my knowledge Christian
>    Perrier is not working on man page translation (but I might be
>    wrong here)
> b) The PO format is quite nice for string changes. Outdated strings
>    will *not* be shown translated, so you don't have to fear an
>    outdated translated version. But the presence of an (even outdated)
>    po file makes ist much easier to restart a translation later (if
>    e.g. the translator has no time atm).
> c) Placing the po file in your build will get "fuzzy" strings. So
>    instead of simply closing, you could be so kind and send the fuzzy
>    translations out to the translators, because than it would be
>    much easier for them to provide updates (this does not apply to the
>    Debconf case, as Christian is handling this).
> d) If, for some reason, you don't want to deal with these
>    translations, please tag them "wontfix" so translators know about
>    it. Debian does not hide problems!
> If you have questions regarding these, please aks on debian-i18n,
> because there are much more knowledge persons than me who can help you
> along and provide you will all the details you need to know.

I am quite happy to handle translations (the last upload included 9 or
10 new translations, with thanks to all involved).  The reason I closed
the older translations sitting in the BTS is that we have had many
string changes in the manpages, the docs, and the program itself.  In my
close message, I asked people to resubmit new bugs when we stopped
changing strings so often.  It felt like a waste of translator time to
try to keep up during a period of heavy development, but if you
disagree, please feel free to reopen the bug or open a new one.  I am
not trying to brush you off, beleive me - I appreciate your work.  I
just wanted to start with a set of translations that match the strings.

Take care,
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