[Adduser-devel] medical data

Jack Y Irma CastanedaAlisha at adjustnet.co.jp
Thu Jun 28 06:27:48 UTC 2007

Regarding the medical data you requested:

Here is a deal we are running until Jun 29:

* Physicians: 788,000 doctors in the United States. Data is provided in Excel format and
  can be sorted by state or specialty. More than a dozen different fields and 34 specialties.
	Item Price: $399

* American Hospitals: 23,000 in total with data for the CEO, CFO, CIO, COO and more
	Item Price: $229

* Dentists and Related Dental Services: 597 thousand total records for the USA
	Item Price: $219

* Chiropractors in the USA: 100,000 offices in the United States, sortable by state
	Item Price: $215

* American Nursing Homes: More than 31,000 senior admins in over 14,000 nursing homes in the US
	Item Price: $215

If you buy the Physician list I will throw in the rest at no charge!

You can reach us at (206) 333-0438 
or by email: datamed2007 at hotmail.com

Replying with "terminate" in the subject will cause unlisting from our mailings

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