[Adduser-devel] Bug#453086: adduser --system --group should ensure uid==gid

Ian Jackskon ian at davenant.greenend.org.uk
Tue Nov 27 09:59:09 UTC 2007

Package: adduser
Version: 3.102
Severity: wishlist

mariner:~> perl -e 'print join "|", getpwnam "Debian-exim"'; echo
mariner:~> perl -e 'print join "|", getgrnam "Debian-exim"'; echo
mariner:~> grep Debian-exim /etc/passwd /etc/group

It would be slightly less confusing if the ids matched.

This machine was installed from an etch netinst CD about three weeks
ago and I have configured exim only via dpkg-reconfigure.  I'm pretty
sure the user was created by this line in exim4-config's postinst:
        adduser --system --group --quiet --home /var/spool/exim4 \
                --no-create-home --disabled-login --force-badname Debian-exim


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