[Adduser-devel] Bug#453419:

Michael Geminden mgemindn at austincc.edu
Sat Jan 26 03:27:34 UTC 2008

testing with adduser version 3.102

I ran into this bug as well. Your test script outputs:

found gzip: /bin/gzip
testwhich.pl: Could not find program named `bzip2' in $PATH.

(i found it odd that it didn't continue to the bzip3 test)

but when i modified your script to call it like it is in deluser i got this:

found gzip: /bin/gzip
found bzip2: 1
found bzip3: 1 (unlikely)

it looks like its related to if you call &which('name',1) like in deluser and
wont happen if you call &which('name') like in your test script.

it seems &which is returning 1 for not found if you tell it to be nonfatal via
the second parameter.

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