[Adduser-devel] going to go in, all

Mezzenga exemption at tombihn.com
Tue Aug 18 14:24:32 UTC 2009

Ng up and down on the seesaw, and, for the time, they had forgotten all
about the fact that their mother had sent them to the store to pay a
bill, and also to get some groceries. They had not meant to stay so
long, but you know how it is when you get to seesawing. "It's just the
finest fun ever!" cried Sue. "I'm sorry for boys and girls that ain't
got any seesaws," said her brother. "Oh, I guess a lot of boys and girls
have 'em, Bunny. Daddy said so, once." "Did he? I didn't hear him." Up
and down, up and down went the children, laughing and having a splendid
time. Sue felt so happy she began to sing a little song and Bunny joined
in. It was the old ditty of the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon. "We'd
better go now, Sue!" called Bunny, after a while. "We can seesaw when we
get back." "Oh, just five more times up and down!" pleaded the little
girl, shaking her 
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