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Good Day

- Carlos Links Consultants72 Rio Roberto Manucho Luanda, Angola.Tel: +244-.921393655... Attn. Please,I cordially request your indulgence to this vital issue designated for our mutual benefit. Angola has come a long way from years of war and suffering to this actual time of harvest. Diamond, Gold, Petroleum and other natural resources caused the bloody war but today, Angola has become one of the fastest developing economy in the world.  The death of Jonas Savimbi, the rebel leader, marked the end of the civil war. Since then,  the authorities are hunting for deposits of Diamond and Gold locally sorted during civil war.  Many found means to liquidate theirs despite UN control over the trade; yet there are cachets of these ornaments everywhere, while people searching for means to market them abroad. Many are suffering in silence in the hands of expatriates who fail to repatriate the salaries  of their suppliers. Buyers take advantage of the crackdown on illegal sales, to seize the  returns of the natives. May I use this means to ask for your intervention against such abuse. Your concern shall be rewarded with 30% of funds recovered or transacted through you. Some buyers claim they can't send money directly to Angola to avoid being suspected by the Angolan government. They may be right but that doesn't justify the abuse of trust. I'm a consultant for the local people who could not find ways to receive their money from  foreign traders. I have concluded with a dealer who wants to make payment to any account outside the country. There is a genuine way of receiving the funds; please do not hesitate  to ask for more details.I look forward to receiving your advise. Mr. Carlos Kewanga. Luanda, Rep. of Angola

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