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The “Military, Industrial Complex” is no more. Today it is the Political, Financial and Media — Zionist Complex!

An short essay by Dr. David Duke

The “Military-Industrial complex” really has no relevance to the real holders of global power today.

America is the most powerful military and economic nation on earth. The powers that control the levers of political power in America possess the greatest power the world has ever seen.

Who really has power over the government today? Is it the fabled “Military, Industrial Complex”?

An effective gauge of direct political power in America is “to discover who provided the pivotal amounts of the billion-dollar recent campaigns for U.S. President. You can look directly at campaign contributions for every candidate from the Federal Election Commission in order to find out who holds the real power in politics.

So, who holds the real power over the American political establishment?

Let’s first look at who does not hold much power over the establishment.

1) It is not the military. There is not any organized military monetary influence or even significant political influence of the military over the politicians. In fact, no one in military positions of authority are allowed to openly get involved in politics. No active sergeant, lieutenant, or General can send out a directive to the men under him to support or oppose a particular candidate (the one exception I know to that was when the Louisiana commanding general of the National Guard, under Jewish influence, sent a letter to all national guardsmen telling them that it was their “patriotic duty” to vote against David Duke and for the Liberal corrupt former Governor, Edwin Edwards. Even that caused a scandal in military circles, as it should have.

2) It is NOT major manufacturing or even the huge oil companies. There was not one oil company and only a couple of legitimate manufacturing or industrial concerns on Obama and McCain’s top twenty contributor list. The list was completely dominated by Zionist international banking firms. If one combines every defense contractor’s contributions the money they give in politics is minuscule compared to Zionist international banks. They don’t even come close to the power in lobbying that AIPAC and a couple of dozen more Jewish extremist organizations have. Jewish lobbyists literally get almost unanimous support in Congress for outrageous giveaways to Israel, a nation that has committed terrorism against us and killed or maimed scores of Americans. I am not talking about contracts here, I am speaking about giving away billions of dollars to a foreign nation.

So, so much for the media-popularized term, the military-industrial complex

In direct political money and lobbying then, Zionists are the undisputed masters of the American political establishment. In addition to their control through the use of money as an inducement or a threat, they have tens of thousands of Jewish extremists scattered throughout the entire bureaucracy who are very conscious of supporting their brethren and supporting the organized Jewish agenda. They also are ready to act against any Gentile who dares to go against Israel or the Jewish agenda.

How will a Jewish federal judge rule in a huge litigation issue between Jewish and non-Jewish parties? Why was the biggest robber in the history of the world, Bernie Madoff who stole over 50 billion dollars and who ruined tens of thousands of families, only charged with one criminal count, and allowed to stay in his luxury apartment to await trial?

Is there an organized Jewish agenda? Absolutely. In fact, the leading and most powerful Jewish groups have a supra-organization called the Council of Presidents (composed of the most powerful 5 dozen Jewish organizations in America). They issue detailed positions not just on Mideast policy but on many other issues that have nothing to do with Israel, aspects of domestic policy including issues such as opening America’s borders. They even assume positions on issues that you wouldn’t even think would have unanimity among Jews, such as abortion rights. Their job is to make sure that Jewish power is absolutely united on what they decide are their common agendas.

Next, we must talk about one of the most influential parts of the American political process, the mass media. The media, such as the NY Times and the Washington Post (the newspaper read by every member of America’s government and bureaucracy in Washington).

The Washington Post can determine even what issues Congress will discuss and it greatly affects the publicity for or against those issues. Broadcast and cable television also have an enormous impact, and we can include movies, books, magazines and the newspaper chains that reach down into almost every American community. As my chapters in Jewish Supremacism on “Jewish Media Supremacy” document, the ownership, depth and breadth of Jewish influence in the media is simply breathtaking.

In media, whether you speak of owners, administrators, managers, editors, producers, writers, correspondents, pundits and reporters, there is an army of Jews who are animated by the Holocaust and the issues of the organized Jewish community. If you haven’t yet read them, you simply must see the evidence on the Jewish supremacy in media I have compiled in my books Jewish Supremacism and My Awakening.

The other great seat of establishment power is simply money, huge sums of money and the willingness to use those funds on behalf of an agenda. The biggest concentrations of wealth in the world today are in the Zionist international banks, and in financial groups that the Jews completely control such as the Federal Reserve Corporation, the same forces that have led us to the doorstep of a great depression. It is no accident that Alan Greenspan and Ben Shalom Bernanke are the last two of the Federal Reserve czars.

Even in days of World War I, an immensely rich, Jewish international banker, Jacob Schiff, voiced pride in the fact that he was instrumental in weakening Czarist Russia (the government that Jews universally hated), and that he supported Russia’s enemies so as to make Russia ripe for communist overthrow (Jewish groups brag of his help to Japan in the Russo-Japanese War so as to hurt the Russian government). Schiff also gave millions of dollars to directly finance the Jews who led and organized the Russian revolution and the Bolshevik terror in Russia. There is no disputing of these facts. Plenty of Jewish history books detail all of it.

So, frankly, financial power in the control of people who will use it for an agenda is also a key ingredient of real power. Again, the financial power in the hands of modern day Jacob Schiff’s, is an incredibly powerful weapon.

So forget about the “Military-Industrial Complex.” That is passe.

In today’s world it makes more sense to speak about the “Political, Financial and Media Zionist complex.” That is the real core of power that bends everything whether it be local laws, or giant corporations, to its will. Even if one of the world’s richest firms, such as Microsoft (which is now by the way run by a Jewish extremist), would buck the political, financial, and media Zionist complex, it would be broken by government fiat, the Jewish-influenced courts (such as anti-trust actions), and by vicious attacks by the Jewish-influenced media. Microsoft would either be dismembered or destroyed.

Such are the realities of the modern world.

There is no longer a “military industrial complex,” but there is a Political and media and financial Zionist complex that rules us and aims to control the whole world.

No single part of this behemoth can be defeated, because it can use its other assets to defend the section under attack. It can only be brought down by concentrating all our political and ideological fire right on the core the problem, International Zionism and its driving impetus: Jewish Supremacism.

—Dr. David Duke

Source : http://www.davidduke.com/general/forget-the-military-industrial-complex-today-its-the-political-financial-and-media-zionist-complex_7394.html


The Hidden Massive Racial Discrimination in America against Whites

The main argument for affirmative action is that institutions should reflect racial percentages of population, if not there must be de facto racial discrimination. Here is the breakdown of students by race at America’s premier university, Obama’s alma mater, Harvard. Even though non-Jewish White Americans are almost 70 percent of the population and on average score much higher on entrance exams, they are only about 22 percent of the Harvard student body. So what race is really the victim of racial discrimination? For those who are truly dedicated to stopping racial discrimination, what are you going to do about this massive discrimination, or does it not matter to you because White people happen to be the victims?

The hidden, massive racial discrimination that goes on in America against White people!

A U.S. Government study offers proof that European Americans face massive institutional racial discrimination that affects millions of the most talented and educated of our people

Introduction by Dr. David Duke – As most of you know, the term “white supremacist” has become literally a prefix of my name when I am in the news. It is the media’s way to condition readers not to pay attention to what I say because I am a “white supremacist.” The truth is I am not a White supremacist, and I seek no supremacy or control over any people, but I do demand that the rights of people of European descent to be respected as much as any other people’s rights.

The fact is that in the United States of America, Canada, the UK in many areas of Europe Whites face a powerful state-sanctioned, and often mandated, racial discrimination against White people who are better-qualified than their non-White counterparts. It may be surprising to some reading this, but millions of discriminated against Whites are often poorer and who face more difficult social situations than many of their non-White counterparts who are being given preference over them.

It also affects the most talented of our people.  Many Whites are under the mistaken impression that the White victims of racial discrimination are mostly from the low income and low IQ sectors of the population. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, the percentages of Whites who are victims of racial discrimination are much higher in the sectors of the White population with the highest intelligence and greatest abilities. The facts are shocking, but true.

Most people know that most universities have programs of admittance that give less-qualified minorities preference over better-qualified Whites. Almost all of the Fortune 500 largest corporations have affirmative action and diversity programs that discriminate against White people, both male and female, in hiring. They also have programs of discrimination that favor non-Whites in promotions and advancement. This is true in the academic area as well. You can look at almost any academic department of any American university and you will see in place a strong racial bias for “minorities” in preface over Whites in hiring and advancement. Whether you are talking about a university History, English or Math department in almost any university these policies are in place and powerful. These racial discriminatory policies are real, and they can be easily proven to exist. But, now we thanks to a government study, there is even a more powerful way to show their real impact on tens of millions of White Americans.

The brilliant economist and author whose pen name is Yggdrasil has compiled the data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) 1979, which was a massive study conducted by the Department of Labor to track the lives of 155,000 Americans by race, IQ, income, education and other factors to see how remedial efforts for minorities were doing.

It was done after the installation of so called “affirmative action” programs which gave preference to non-White groups over whites. The NLSY study is meant to follow this huge sampling for their entire lives to see how diversity is working out for America. The data is from this ongoing study is tangible proof of the horrendous level of racial discrimination going on against White people. I will link you to Yggdrasil’s fine paper in a moment, but let me first give you a couple of snippets from his work that proves the existence of massive racial discrimination going on against our people.

Here is a chart showing the ethnic breakdown of the most prestigious university in the United States of America: Harvard. America’s premier university is extremely expensive (unless you receive special grants and scholarships) and a degree from it just about guarantees its graduates the best paid and prestigious jobs America has to offer.

Affirmative action advocates have long said the companies or institutions that don’t reflect the actual racial population percentages are de facto racist and discriminatory. So what is the situation at Harvard, non-Jewish Whites who are about 70 pecent of the American population are only about 22 percent of the Harvard student body.

One should first consider the fact that Whites are represented in the top two percentile level on college admission tests on an average that is a 5 times higher rate than non-White groups. If one then factors in the fact that Whites are also 70 percent of the population, there should be at least 25 times more Whites who would be better qualified than the non-White students currently at Harvard. But even though these Whites are the best and brightest America has to offer they are limited to only 20 percent of Harvard students! Such is nothing more than blatant, racial discrimination. Another interesting fact one can gleam from this chart and many in the NLSY studies that Jewish over-representation is not based simply on the fact that Jews have a high intelligence, they often do twice as well as their intelligence bracket would indicate. Such would suggest the intra-tribal support system for group cohesion and advancements aids their success rate.

The NLSY data also shows how incomes today in the USA correlate with race and intelligence. Let’s take a look NLSY tracking studies of intelligent White women, these are White women in the 90 to 97 percent IQ bracket as compared to Black women in that same high 90 to 97 percent IQ bracket. The average Black females of that IQ level earned an average of approximately $54,000 per year through 1996, whereas White females on the same IQ level earned only half of that amount, about $28,000 per year through 1996.

When White women in the same intelligent bracket of Black women earn half of the average amount that the Black women do, that’s real racial discrimination.

I am not referring here to a few White women who are at least equally qualified but getting half the salary that Black women do, I am talking about the average White women in America! The NLSY is a big enough sample that reflects the whole nation. In fact it is meant to. The average White woman of high intelligence earns one-half of what Black women do of the same intelligence!

I obviously don’t like this racial discrimination against our people. Neither does the economist Yggdrasil. We advocate that the best person regardless of race gets whatever college admission or job or promotion their abilities dictate. We have no fear of how well our people will do on a fair playing field. Because we stand for true civil rights, human rights in the matter, we are called racists, and the real capper: “white supremacists.”

There are many people in America and around the world who are ignorant of the facts of anti-White racial discrimination. The media acts like it doesn’t exist. Even after the election of an affirmative action African-American President, America is still painted as an anti-Black racist country. The truth is that European Americans are facing racial discrimination in the very institutions and nation that our forefathers created. Our movement is truly a liberation movement like any other in the world that strives for a people to free and live in society of our own values rather than oppressive society imposed upon us.

We are not racists or supremacists trying to deny the rights of others.

We are human rights activists defending our people’s rights and heritage.

–Dr. David Duke 
 Source & Charts : http://www.davidduke.com/general/the-real-racial-discrimination-that-goes-on-in-america_7407.html


Obama’s Mideast Jewish Wet Dream Team

George Mitchell is the new American envoy now in the Mideast. Who is Mitchell and who are the key players in Obama’s Mideast policy team?

First, let’s examine the major players on the Obama foreign policy team. Roger Cohen writing in The New York Times on January 11, 2009 wrote some things that if he were a Gentile would have earned him some attacks as an “anti-Semite.” He pointed out the incredible top-heavy pro-Zionist content of the team which is supposed to broker a fair and just peace in the Mideast. In discussing the team he identified them with these words:

They include Dennis Ross (the veteran Clinton administration Mideast peace envoy who may now extend his brief to Iran)  [a long-time Jewish Zionist]; James Steinberg [Jewish Zionist] (as deputy secretary of state) ; Dan Kurtzer [Jewish Zionist] (the former U.S. ambassador to Israel); Dan Shapiro [Jewish Zionist] (a longtime aide to Obama); and Martin Indyk [Jewish Zionist] another former ambassador to Israel who is close to the incoming secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.)

Now, I have nothing against smart, driven, liberal, Jewish (or half-Jewish) males; I’ve looked in the mirror. I know or have talked to all these guys, except Shapiro. They’re knowledgeable, broad-minded and determined. Still, on the diversity front they fall short. On the change-you-can-believe-in front, they also leave something to be desired.

Cohen did not even mention that the two closest advisers to Obama, the guys that filter almost everything that Obama see and hears and makes the day to day decisions of running the oval office. They are David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, two long time dedicated Jewish extremists. Emmanuel, son of an Irgun terrorist and named after another Irgun terrorist, even fought in the Israeli Army.

Now we come to the new envoy to the Mideast, George Mitchell of Maine, the man who is supposed to be a broadminded and just arbitrator between Israel and the Palestinians. The Jewish-influenced has made a big point of Mitchell’s Lebanese ancestry. What the Zionist media doesn’t tell you is that he has been completely under the control of AIPAC and radical Zionists for years.

As Senate Majority Leader he rammed through everything Israel wanted. He even supported the Senate resolution that gave Israel unconditional support during the Zionist massacre of thousands of Gaza civilians. In fact, originally an appointee to the Senate, Mitchell owes his entire Senate career on the massive support given him in 1982 and since by AIPAC and 27 other Jewish extremist controlled political action committees that AIPAC arranged. AIPAC’s Tom Dine summarized AIPAC’s success in Mitchell’s election by saying that “American Jews are thus able to form our own foreign policy agenda.”

Of course, Dine spoke the complete and unvarnished truth. American and Israeli extremist Jews do indeed control the foreign policy of the United States. Such control has long gone on in concert with past U.S. Presidents and it goes on today with Obama. Only difference is that today there is a greater danger because many in America and around the world falsely believe that Obama represents change. With the incredible respect and adulation given to Obama, he is in a much better position to support the Zionist war agenda and ultimately do far more harm than a discredited George Bush.

Hold on to your hats, America. I predict Obama will usher in war and conflagration that will make George Bush’s presidency seem mild in comparison. He has already announced a doubling of American troops in Afghanistan. Can a catastrophic war with Iran be far behind? Jewish extremists want this war and Obama is completely under their control!

– Dr. David Duke

Source : http://www.davidduke.com/general/who-is-on-obamas-dream-team-for-mideast-peace_7380.html

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