[Adduser-devel] PRIVATE INQUIRY

Philips Josemo pjsemo72 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 2 15:24:48 UTC 2009

For your attention only:
My letter which is a profitable business proposal, does not in any way poses risk to your personality or position in office. I need an honest foreign business partner and got your contact/profile after a careful search.
I am Mr. Philips Josemo, an accountant presently working with Central Bank of Senegal as the director of currency operations. Recently, there was directives from the presidency for immediate change of colors, faces and domination of our local currencies. The government action was to urgently checkmate the fake notes brought into our country in containers by joint group of some Chinese and Lebanese business men. A short deadline was given to all citizens to pay in all the cash with them into commercial banks to enable my office release equivalents of genuine notes to licensed commercial banks with the new currency notes already in circulation with security printings for further payment to concerned citizens. Due to high rate of illiteracy in my country, many local business men/women did not comply with government orders/directives until after the deadline when they brought out their monies. Unfortunately, the notes are no longer considered our legal tender and therefore wasteful. But all were brought to  my office by commercial banks for destruction by burning.
But I included the total wasted value in my official report to the presidency as cash recovered and changed to new currencies. The total value which is in cash stands at Twenty million US dollars only, after quickly changing them to US dollar Bills in the parallel market. For obvious reasons, I cannot spend this money here or place it in any commercial bank and cannot possibly get it out of my country through bank to bank transfer since all fund transfers out of the country must go through our apex bank after approval by both director general-federal ministry of finance and accountant general of the federation. So I put the money in a bank safe trunk box and  with my personal contacts, succeeded in placing the trunk box in a security vault of one of our security firms as Jewelery owned by a foreign gold/Diamond merchant who has changed his mind selling the items and investing the amount here due to economic and political instabilities in our country. I informed the the managing director of the security firm that the owner is my friend and the consignment would be sent back to his country on his request.
Before writing you, I have made and concluded special arrangements with some diplomatic officials to assist me move the consignment from the security company out of this country as a diplomatic luggage. With diplomatic tags and emblem of one of the embassies here, the content of the box will not be tampered with or its content inspected until it is delivered to the consignee(supposed owner). Please note that for safety of the funds, I did not also tell the ambassador and the diplomat  who have accepted to assist me make the shipment that the box contains raw cash.
I am therefore asking your permission to cargo the consignment out of this country in your name and to your pointed address. This can be done within 48 hours after receiving your positive response. On receipt of the shipment, you are expect to keep safe custody of the money in your house or bit by bit deposit into your private or company's bank account pending when I secure official permission to travel out to meet you over there. I propose to you 30% of the total money as your commission for helping me receive the consignment and honestly safe keep it pending my arrival for sharing in agreed ratios. All local and international expenses made by any of us in the course of this transaction would be reimbursed before sharing in agreed percentages. Most importantly, I do not expect you to discuss this matter with any body no matter who the person is to you.
If you are interested, please quickly respond back to me through this email address
( pjosemo72 at hotmail.com ) with your full names, telephone and fax numbers, home or office address where the shipment would be sent to and any identification of yours. On receipt of these details, I will give you more details on the shipment arrangements.
Take very good care of yourself.
Thanks & Best Regards,
 Mr.Philips Josemo

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