[Adduser-devel] Bug#453086: adduser --system --group should ensure uid==gid

GW gwSPAM.debian at tnode.com
Sun May 2 03:19:47 UTC 2010


It seems that nothing is moving about this bug that is imho currently
misclassified as a wishlist.

The documentation of "man adduser" still clearly says what Fab pasted:
When  combined with --system, a group with the same name and ID as the
system user is created."
For me it seems like a real problem if the program doesn't follow it's
own documentation. So this is a bug.

To overcome the UID/GID exhaustion problem the behavior could be like this:
- use same UID=GID where there is still room in the system ID range
(cross-section of IDs for SYSTEM_UID and SYSTEM_GID)
- else fall back to current behavior (assign first free UID and GID)

This way the amount of usable system UIDs and GIDs will remain the same
and additionally it would be more compliant with the documentation and
would look nicer.


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