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Welcome to Tennis Tips365.com - Stockholm, 2010-05-14
The world-leading site for modern tennis in technique, methodology and biomechanics.
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-From April to September you will find a new movie each week! 

New movie on site today, 2010-05-14:
The Biomechanical Series a Bonus only for members: 
The Swing Path in the Forehand
Do you know how high the backswing should be in the preparation?
What about the downswing and how to get more power?
If you do it the right way you will increase power to your forehand.

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Just give me a minute of your time and Ill show you why!
We have done the job for you, with thousands of hours of studying and years of practice. 
Here youll find everything youve always wanted to know as a tennis player and coach. 
Youll also find that there are things you didnt even know existed. Things that are so easy 
to adapt, taking your tennis to the next level!  

The instructions are divided into three areas: 

1.In the technique part youll see exactly how to play the strokes. Its explained and shown 
in an easy way, from different angles and both at full speed and in slow-motion. 
Youll learn all the grips, all the different swings and the foot stances.

2.In the methodology part youll see how to adapt the technique and how to teach. 
This is something thats relevant to both coaches and players! 

3.You also get to meet Swedens leading professor in biomechanics. 
Hell show you how to use your body most effectively in order to hit more powerful 
strokes and in a way thats easy on your body!

-TennisTips365 is a complement to your regular training and can be used on and off court.

-From April to September youll find a new movie each week. 

-New movies, articles and pictures are added to the site continuously and you have full access to all the materials everything is included in your membership.


Fredrik Lindstrom
Founder of TennisTips365
E-mail: info at tennistips365.com

The aim of the www.tennistips365.com newsletter:
www.tennistips365.com helps to spread the word about tennis from a technical and biomechanical point of view. 
Though continuous information to members and anyone who is interested in tennis, we help to build up know-how 
about tennis technique, biomechanics and methodology to help pave the way for healthy physical development.
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