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GOD has requested that people make copies and send them, HE wants this email to reach the remote parts of the world.  GOD said send text messages advertising the blog (http://theendtimemessage.blogspot.com) and The End Time Message Facebook Community Page  and let people know where they can find this End Time Message.

GOD said HE wants the African people to know what is taking place in Africa.  GOD said the British Monarchy, Phillip Hitler and those before put the white South Africans in charge of the whole of Africa!  GOD said that is why there is drought which has led to famine and disease and sicknesses.
GOD said the white South African government, part of the one world government running Africa have been working with the British Monarchy and those in government to make decisions on how to murder and wipe out the Black African people.  GOD said this is why the "vaccines" which contain the HIV virus has been administered and why the condoms sent to Africa have all been tampered with and why there is an AIDS epidemic and so many children have been left orphaned.  GOD said this is why there is drought because the white South Africans have been stopping the water from flowing to parts of the land where there are predominantly Black African people, which has led to famine.  GOD said that is why the Rwanda civil war took place, GOD said it was a scheme to murder the real Black African people.  

GOD said the Black African people who people think are in leadership are not really in leadership, GOD said the Black African men and women in Africa looking like they are in government are not even puppets, they have only been put there on display to make it seem as if Black African people are in charge of decision-making.  GOD said those Black Africans looking like they are in leadership are lying to the public and they have all accepted bribes while the world government uses their white South African government to continue to scheme and devise new ways to murder innocent Black African people!

GOD said in 2009 when the G20 meeting took place in England, GOD pointed out to me and said “Did you see any of the Black African leaders put on display going through the door of 10 Downing Street when Tony and Cherie Blair were performing witchcraft and letting people in quickly, because they were both frightened, because she knew GOD was walking on the Earth?!”  GOD said all of the G20 world leaders were performing witchcraft in 10 Downing Street, GOD said that is why they were all called there.  GOD said even though Barack Obama was there, Barack Obama is as evil as they are!

GOD said everybody has chemical potassium chloride in their system, a chemical used on death row as a lethal injection!  Read all about the human cut down for 2012, your life depends on it!  GOD said HE is reaching out to a dying 99% of the world’s “human” population.

GOD said Barack Obama has an evil gene.  GOD said Barack Obama was in government before he became President and he was trying desperately to become President because he is greedy, spiteful, bitter and selfish!  GOD said because Barack Obama was part of a secret society, he knew that the secret government was planning to eradicate 99% of the world's population.  GOD said Barack Obama was desperate to get noticed by those at the top he started thinking of ways to eradicate a large portion of the 99% of the world's population by 2012.  GOD said he needed to come up with an answer that wouldn't look suspicious to the general public because he didn’t want people to become suspicious that they were being eradicated.  GOD said Barack Obama came up with an idea with help from a secret friend and he used the idea.
GOD said the secret government have already spread the disease HIV/AIDS to try to wipe out civilization by making holes in condoms and mixing the HIV/AIDS virus with other chemicals they called a vaccine, which has been spread to the different Black countries!  GOD said the method the secret government of spreading HIV virus they found to be a long process of eradication, because children were still being born, even though their parent or parents carried the disease, some of those who caught the HIV virus didn’t develop AIDS and continued to live normal lives, some with treatment and some without, for many years and the same with their children, who became contaminated with the HIV virus.  GOD said members of the secret societies have used other methods like wars and drought that leads to famine and spreading different diseases, but they like Barack Obama’s sparking idea the best and that is why it is in wide use circulation!
GOD said human cut down has been on the agenda since Abraham's generation.  GOD said Abraham did and taught the same things which his wife Sarah documented for him and Abraham handed the to his offspring, who later handed them down to their offspring, and so on and so on and so on.  GOD said it is a curse; it has been passed down from generation to generation all the way down the line to current times.  GOD said Sarah made many copies for each of Abraham's children and because Abraham's children were following their father’s wishes and planned to spread themselves out into the different parts of the land, which they did, GOD said the same copies which Sarah documented, can be found in the different places where Abraham's descendants are, Asia, China, India and in parts of Europe; Russia, Germany, England, all over, etc.  GOD said when Abraham's family left Africa, along with the other families they took with them to use as slaves and concubines (sex slaves), GOD said everybody were Black People, but because of the incest which was taking place heavily among Abraham's family, the family's skin colour started to lighten and their hair  started to become straighter.  GOD said by the incest they were committing they were switching off the Black gene.  GOD said they did not know why their skin colour and hair texture was changing; it wasn't until a little over 4000 years ago one family started to discover how to switch off the Black gene.  GOD said it was their greed and selfishness which caused them to discover how to switch off the Black gene.  GOD said the husband and wife were dark-skinned Asians.  GOD said it was because they wanted to keep all the wealth from slavery in their family, they would only allow their children to mate with their children and cousins and the grandchildren, then they realised that all of the children in their family were coming out with light skin and light brown straight hair and the more they interbred, the lighter the children’s hair and skin.  GOD said it didn’t take long, because of the concentrated level of incest!  GOD said the grandchildren started to look like the light Spanish people with light brown hair!  GOD said Phillip Hitler is a direct descendant and Barack Obama has traits.
GOD said Barack Obama had help with the idea and he executed it.  GOD said all of the candidates running for presidency that year submitted their ideas to help eradicate “99%” of the world’s population by the year 2012 to their government who submitted it to the secret government, Phillip Hitler and his group of judges.  GOD said Phillip Hitler along with the secret judges read through all the different ideas and when they read Barack Obama’s idea they all liked it and GOD said Phillip Hitler thought that Barack Obama was a bright young spark!  GOD said they liked his idea so much and because they discovered he was Black and they knew, because of the secret records they had been keeping and knew that HE, GOD, was going to be walking on the Earth again, Judging and because of the things GOD had spoken in the Field in Jamaica, in protest, while HE was being brutalised and tortured and raped, which was being documented, GOD said Phillip and his group of judges wanted to use a Black person so that they could do the same things as the white race, so that the Black race would be Judged along with the white race and the white race could justify the evil things they have done throughout their history!
GOD said Barack Obama’s sparking idea to do his chunk to eradicate 99% of the world’s population by the year 2012 was to invent a sickness and use the chemical Potassium chloride to cure the sickness and what the secret government see as the world’s population problem.  GOD said if you look on the internet that talk about the lethal injection, the government are not being truthful to the families about the effects of the drugs which they are using as a lethal injection as the death penalty.  GOD said some of the people they give the lethal injection to are made to sit in agony for hours or days, and the executioners tell the parents and family members that their prisoner has now been put to death by lethal injection, GOD said when the prisoner who has received the lethal injection are still alive because they have only given them the potassium chloride, and not the whole cocktail of drugs!  GOD said it is inhumane and it is because the executioners have developed a liking for the effects of watching the person die legally and enjoy watching the agony on the faces of those people who are being executed!  GOD said the executioners are evil!    
GOD said part of Barack Obama’s idea was to use the company H.A.A.R.P to spray bacteria in the air in different parts of the world, to cause a flu epidemic.  GOD said it was ordinary flu which people pick up, like the common cold.  GOD said Phillip Hitler was joking about at first and thought it would be funny to call the flu-like symptoms “Swine Flu.”  GOD said Phillip Hitler wasn’t really joking, he wanted it to be called “Swine Flu” because that is how he and his family sees everyone who are not in their family as pigs!  GOD said that is how the name “Swine Flu” came about.
GOD said Barack Obama’s other combined sparking idea was to then use the drug potassium chloride mixed with glucose and pretend it was a vaccine and called it “Tamiflu vaccine.”  GOD said the Tamiflu vaccine is potassium chloride mixed with sugar and water.
GOD said the death tolls are in the tens of millions and they have all been timed to 2012!  GOD said that is why HE said time is running out, because there is no more repentance in the grave!
GOD said the scientists conducted experiments and worked out how much of the dose should be added and how long it will take to kill the bodily system.  GOD said they have now started using it in other drugs which doctors are giving to their patients.  GOD said first it was the swine flu then they started using it for cancer patients, pretending it was radiation to help them have a better quality of life and killing them off quickly.  GOD said doctors and nurses know what they are administering to their patients.  
GOD said this is why America first started forcing people to take the Tamiflu vaccine and all of it has been done under Barack Obama’s administration!  GOD said because it was Barack Obama’s and his secret friend Hillary Clinton’s idea, HE is holding both Barack Obama and his secret friend Hillary Clinton responsible.  GOD said the death toll has now risen from millions to billions!
GOD said the Jewish pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline is a big company but they cannot keep up with the demand for the lethal injection drug, potassium chloride.  GOD said they only execute 50 or 60 people a year by lethal injection yet in 2010 there was a shortage of the drug and lots of executions had to be put on hold!  GOD said that is because they have been using it on the 99% of the world’s population, that is why the drug potassium chloride ran out and there were shortages!
GOD said that is why the lethal injection drug ran out in America in 2009 and in 2010.  GOD said as soon as Phillip Hitler got hold of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s idea, Barack Obama was told to start exploiting his idea, the drug because Phillip Hitler wanted a quick start.  GOD said other members were told to start using the idea but to use different methods.  GOD said Barack Obama started imposing strict laws and people were forced to take the swine flu vaccine.  GOD said once the drug potassium chloride has entered the body, the process of death begins and it cannot be reversed, that is why it is a lethal injection and that is what they are not telling the families of those who are being executed.  GOD said depending on the dosage depends on how rapidly the body deteriorates.  GOD said they put low dosages in the swine flu injections, GOD said some have passed away already but people are not gone yet, because it is timed.  GOD said the death toll hasn’t risen yet but they are rising.  GOD said in 2012 that is when millions are due to be murdered by lethal injection, which has already entered their systems!  GOD said it depends on the person’s body as well as to how rapidly their body deteriorates.
GOD said that is Barack Obama’s method of the hit list.  GOD said judges, doctors, police, nurses, ordinary people, babies, children in schools, etc. have taken the Tamiflu vaccine including MY nieces and nephews and some other members of MY family, cousins, etc., all set to die in 2012!  GOD said the secret societies are meant to be a brotherhood and the brothers and the sisters don’t even know that their brothers and sisters in Phillip Hitler’s family have turned against them!  GOD said it is all because Phillip and Elizabeth Hitler want to give their family a brand new start in the world for themselves!
Here are MY accounts in brief, if you want to read up more go onto the blog (http://theendtimemessage.blogspot.com ), Facebook or Facebook The End Time Message Community page where you can access more of MY accounts.
In 2008, I was attending hospital because I was told I had gallstones and while the Asian radiologist was checking, he said he detected a lump in MY bladder, which I was told later by a specialist doctor that it wasn’t really a lump, as such, it was something that I may have been born with.  I have never had any problems with MY bladder before that until they did a Cystoscopy where the doctor pressed and did something with the instrument to cause ME pain and discomfort, which continued for a couple of years, on and off, after, which has since stopped.  After the Cystoscopy up until a few days it felt as if there was something inside the urethra, when I went to the toilet, I heard the sound of two metal pieces drop out!  GOD told ME HE took them out!  After that the hospital and doctors at the hospital kept calling ME back to hospital and told ME they needed to do a radiology test to check for the lump the Asian radiologist said he found.  In 2009, I went for the radiology test and they were trying to inject a clear fluid into MY vein and they made around 30 attempts in different veins all over MY body and each time I felt a stinging, not just from the needle, but as they were trying to push the clear fluid into MY veins and one of the radiologists said “That’s really funny, every time we try to inject the fluid into your veins, your veins are shutting tight and none of the fluid can enter!”  They tried to inject it into MY feet, MY hands, MY arms, and in the end they gave up.  GOD said the injection they were trying to inject into MY body was low level concentrated potassium chloride but in a large quantity with compliments of Barack Obama and social services.
It was partly because I spoke out in Bristol to the newspapers about the schools racist behaviour towards MY son, but mainly because I kept complaining to social services about their behaviour and to the judges at the different court hearings.  During a meeting I was made to attend with social services, social services required a signature to check MY medical history in order for ME to keep hold of MY grandchildren.  I was threatened that if there were any medical issues that I had not dealt with, it could be seen as ME neglecting MY health, and it would be seen as ME neglecting MY responsibilities and not putting MY children and MY grandchildren first, basically I would have been unfit to take care of MY grandchildren, who were in the system’s care, but left in MY care so that we would pay for it!  GOD said the threat was a set up!  During that meeting there was around 6 or 7, maybe 8 team members of social services coercing ME and threatening ME to go to the hospital to see about MY health, when I had no health problems and the only reason why I went to the hospital was because of the threats, I didn’t want to lose MY children or MY grandchildren.  GOD said behind MY back, they turned the threats into a promise!
On the 5 March 2009 when GOD visited ME at MY home, HE told ME HE closed MY veins at the hospital because of the chemical that was inside the large injection cylinders and while I was writing the message to Barack Obama, a few months ago, HE informed me about the lethal injection vaccine which Barack Obama had made up to inject millions of citizens with and that the injection.
GOD told ME because I was insisting I wasn’t feeling any pain and because the tests were clear, which I found out from a different doctor who they sent ME to by mistake in the same hospital but the planned doctor who I eventually saw on a different day did the test anyway and because I was looking at the X-Rays MYSELF, I AM not medically trained, but I AM not stupid, I could see there was nothing wrong.  He then wanted an X-Ray of MY chest!  I could see on the X-Ray there was nothing wrong with MY chest!  GOD said what showed up on the X-ray of MY chest was a cracked rib that I received a few years ago while I stood up in the bath to wash MY body and fell onto the side, over the side of the bath.
After that I kept receiving random letters from doctors I had never met before, and they were not sent from my G.P. or any of the doctors I had met at the hospital, informing ME that I had cancer and appointments were made on different occasions to attend the local hospital asking ME to take part in experiments informing ME that the experiments conducted would not be beneficial to ME, but would help others in the future!  I never attended any of their appointments because I know I don’t have cancer, FULL STOP!
In 2009, they told MY father he had stage four cancer, GOD told ME to tell MY father he had gastroenteritis and I gave MY father the message but because he wasn’t a Christian, he didn’t believe ME and took treatment for cancer which he didn’t have!  GOD said the injection they gave to my father for cancer treatment was the same as the lethal injection they give to people on death row in America.  GOD said they gave MY Father quite high concentrated levels and that is the reason why my father passed away quickly in 2010.
GOD said the same lethal injection they gave to MY father was the same injection they intended to give to ME at the hospital, potassium chloride.
GOD said David Cameron knows about the conspiracy, all those in government know about the conspiracy.  GOD said it was Tony Blair in administration when the drug potassium chloride first started being used; the pharmaceutical company put the chemical potassium chloride into many of their different products.  GOD said that is why when Cherie Blair had her baby vaccinated she didn’t allow her baby to have the combined MMR vaccine because she knew that the vaccine contained potassium chloride.  GOD said Phillip Hitler and his family had the chemical potassium chloride also put into the individual vaccines also, secretly, along with many of GlaxoSmithKline’s other products, part of Phillip Hitler’s plan to keep the world for his family only!  GOD said many of the politicians feel that they are safe, but it is also in their system because of the secrets within their secret organisations.
GOD said Phillip and Elizabeth Hitler’s family also have the potassium chloride chemical in their systems!  GOD said the company GlaxoSmithKline is a Jewish company and even though they informed Phillip Hitler on what products and foods are safe to use GOD said the Jewish company lied to them because they are also chasing after The Promise!  GOD said David Cameron is Jewish and he is the founder and head of the GlaxoSmithKline organisation outfit!  GOD said David Cameron has also been chasing after The Promise and that is why he set up the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline so that he could use his position in the pharmacy business to destroy people!  GOD said David Cameron is the reason why the Hitler family have potassium chloride in their system!  GOD said people can go and do research about the lethal injection and the shortages.  GOD said David Cameron is Phillip Hitler’s successor!  GOD said people have been waiting for the position of the Devil to be filled, it has now been filled, David Cameron, the Zionist, is the Devil!
GOD said that is why the company Hercules has been busy making all those mass plastic coffins, because they are expecting the death toll to rocket sky high in 2012!  GOD said that is why there is so much emphasis on the year 2012!
GOD said Phillip Hitler had Barack Obama secretly add the chemical potassium chloride to products which David Cameron and his family uses and Phillip Hitler also had the same things done to Barack Obama and his family, secretly.  GOD said those keeping the secrets have made sure everybody in their circle of "friends" in the top 1% have received the p-p-p-package!  GOD said this is because they are all evil and chasing after The Promise Abraham said GOD made him.  GOD said HE made no such promise to Abraham!
GOD said HE wants ME to tell people about the conspiracy.  GOD said members of the different secret societies know about the conspiracy about how the population will be reduced by 2012.
GOD said the reason why HE said HE doesn’t want people bowing down to HIM and HE is not that type of GOD was because when HE was in Jamaica in the field, as a sign of disrespect, the catholic women got on their knees and starting performing oral sex on HIM as a mark of disrespect and they wrote about bowing down like that was what GOD HIMSELF wrote it in the bible and expected people to follow as a rule and a ritual so that modern generations would think that is how to serve HIM.
GOD said HE finds many of the people here are very disrespectful, rude and proud!  GOD said since the messages have been going out HE has been listening to people’s comments and there has been so much profanity and disrespectful comments about HIM, MYSELF and OUR Family.  GOD said HE doesn’t have to bow down or beg anyone for forgiveness because HE is GOD!  GOD said HE does not have to justify HIMSELF to anyone, HE is GOD and people should respect whatever decisions HE makes!  GOD said HE doesn't want your respect, HE commands it!
GOD said HE wants people on their hands and knees, asking for forgiveness with respect and reverence to HIM, because HE is GOD and depending on the level of their sorry-ness, depends on the level of HIS forgiveness.  GOD said HE is giving life to the living dead and all those who want it are going to have to go down on their hands and knees and ask for it and confess that HE is GOD!  GOD said some HE is going to throw down on their knees and make them beg for mercy and confess that HE is THE LIVING GOD and HE said HE is going to make them write it in Black and white using all capitals!  GOD said HE came to give people an opportunity to get saved, hence The End Time Message.
GOD said HE saved ME because HE gave ME the Highest calling.  GOD, I’m thinking about cleaning toilets, any toilets you want ME to clean for you, GOD?  GOD’s reply: Yes, I’ve got a few toilets of MY own that need cleaning, me old scrubber!
GOD said everybody has the chemical potassium chloride in their system!  GOD said HE is reaching out to a dying 99% of the world’s “human” population. 
GOD said for some there is no reprieve!  No Jesus, no life!

GOD said the reason why these statues look realistic is because there are REAL PEOPLE inside of them whose bodies were VERY MUCH ALIVE when they were being smothered in concrete! GOD said HE is going to crack HIS whip first on anybody who tries to remove or damage the statues!  GOD said the statues were ordered by the British Monarchy, Phillip Hitler, the prince of darkness! 

GOD said Phillip Hitler is refusing to admit that he has ever been involved in or committed slavery because he paid the people from Sierra Leone one penny a piece, so the slavery cannot be classed as slavery.  GOD said because Phillip has said this as a mockery to his friends, because of the post We published about the one penny piece.  GOD said for that reason HE has lifted out these accounts to show him where he was involved and caused blatant slavery amongst other evil acts performed during this enslavement ritual which HE has chosen to focus on because of the sheer level of brutality and insensitivity involved.  GOD said HIS accounts are accurate and that HE will be reading HIS full accounts to Phillip Hitler and all those who became a part of ritual murders and part of the clean-up operation.
GOD said the reason why the statues of the people in the photographs look like real people is because there are real people inside them!  GOD said a school was set up and an advert was sent out within the company looking for young Black models and the advert specified the amount that the models would get paid.  GOD said the interview was set up in Tanzania. GOD said they didn’t care what the black models looked like, as long as the model was prepared to pose nude.  GOD said Phillip had set up the game and part of the game plan was to set up a fictitious art school so that a witchcraft ritual could be performed to enslave Black People forever.  GOD said the people running the advert for Phillip were working to Phillip’s specifications and the advertised sum of money offered was fictitious. GOD said even though the game was thought up and set up by Phillip, he disassociated himself because he couldn’t be seen to have any involvement in this type of evilness.  
GOD said they used their fake art school, modelling and advertising agency business to advertise for models internally within the school.  GOD said the teenagers were coerced into posing nude by their art teacher, Clara Sornas who when trying to coerce them into posing nude taught them that art is never wrong!   GOD said Clara Sornas knew her evil intentions and she didn’t want to be Judged or feel guilt for what she was intending to do, she used the expression to tell herself that “art is never wrong” so that she could carry out the evil plans mapped out for her without her feeling evil.  
GOD said all of the models who had responded to the advert felt uncomfortable about posing nude, GOD said the sum of money that was being offered was attractive but most of the teenagers came from wealthy and good backgrounds, that is why they were able to pay tuition fees to attend the art school, and because they were from good backgrounds their parents paid.  GOD said Clara Sornas and her friend, Inger Hodgson set up the school under false pretences to capture and murder the young Black students.  GOD said the reason why many of the teenagers contemplated and responded to the advert to pose nude was because of the coaxing they received from Clara Sornas and her other evil accomplices, GOD said because of the coaxing the teenagers received they became open-minded to expressing themselves through art and music which they found exciting, they wanted to be a part of something they could show off to their parents, family relatives and others who they hoped would appreciate and be proud of.  GOD said Clara Sornas told the black art students in the fake art school she and the other criminals set up that the statues made out of modelling clay of them would be seen as part of the Black Peoples heritage for their future generations to look back on and be proud to be a part of.  GOD said that is why the teenagers reluctantly responded to the advert and agreed to pose nude but remained sceptical.  GOD said although Phillip made his artist friends feel important by creating a script for them to do evil with, GOD said it was really because Phillip wanted an evil witchcraft ritual performed to curse Black People into slavery forever.  
GOD said Phillip’s game plan on his script that was handed to his friends was to finish everything on the day, so the interview took place early in the morning and the models were chosen and offered the job early in the morning and the art class took place in the afternoon because they didn’t want things to wax cold.  
I asked GOD what about the murdered teenagers’ families?  GOD replied this is Phillip we are discussing, he is cold, he doesn’t care if people go missing, if anybody gets in his way he wipes them out, the whole line, throughout his whole history he has done this and his ancestors have done exactly the same things because they are all working from the same script.  
GOD said Hitler had a brother who had a child and the child is Phillip, GOD said Phillip’s real surname is Hitler but Phillip’s real identity has been hidden because the family cannot be seen to have any association with the Holocaust!  GOD said that the evil things that Phillip has been doing are instructions that were left for him by his uncle, Adolf Hitler.  GOD said when Harry learned about his grandfather’s identity, he went out to show off his heritage by wearing a nazi uniform and a swastika.  GOD said Harry’s family were involved in helping Harry to choose the outfit he was wearing and they were proud of him wearing it, but they didn’t want to make it seem as if they were involved so they used the media to make it look as though they were unhappy with his behaviour.  GOD said Harry was living out his family’s dream.  GOD said the family didn’t tell him off.  GOD said the family’s evilness comes from their sick and twisted DNA!
GOD said when the interview was over and the models were chosen, they were asked to wait in a small room where they were offered light beverages and biscuits.  GOD said afterwards, they were taken into the art room where they met the fictitious students who they knew because they were working at the same school that the real students attended.  GOD said the Black models who had responded to the advert and got the job were unaware that they were set up.  
GOD said Phillip had a map because he is at the top of the Organisation, the System, he has access to all the secret records and files, many of them are stored in Buckingham Palace and he was following one of the plans of his ancestor, Christopher Columbus.  GOD said Phillip was re-staging an event that took place that was set up by Christopher Columbus.
GOD said Phillip’s friends are all hand-picked members from the secret society who he knows are evil, just like him and members of his family.  GOD said Phillip was having a meal with his friends and while he and his friends were sat at the dinner table, Phillip mentioned some of the old secret notes that he had read which belonged to one of his ancestors, Christopher Columbus.  GOD said Phillip and his friends were all discussing it and joking about it, and his friends thought it would be funny to do some of the things they were discussing.  GOD said Phillip would have suggested it, had they given him a chance, but they suggested that it would be fun to take part in it, GOD said that is why Phillip brought it up at the table, because he had intentions of doing it.  GOD said Phillip was the head of the table, the toastmaster, and Phillip’s topic was about the old plan of his great ancestor.  GOD said the whole dinner discussion was based on re-living a piece of the old history past by following his ancestor’s, Christopher Columbus’ plan.  GOD said Phillip wrote a story line around the events he read in the old notes that were written by Christopher Columbus.  GOD said he told then he wrote a play and they were going to be the actors.  GOD said Phillip went prepared and brought with him scripts which were personalised with each of their names on them.  GOD said Phillip’s friends at the dinner table were excited to find out which role was going to be handed out to them in the real evil event which they were going to stage.
GOD said Phillip made it seem as if he wrote the script because he wanted to show off his artistic side to his friend Clara Sornas who is an artist.  GOD said Clara Sornas became a friend of Phillip while she was painting his portrait, Phillip kept inviting her to his dinner parties.  GOD said at the dinner table sessions, most of the topics and discussions are evil.  GOD said Clara Sornas used to join in the evil discussions because she wanted to impress Phillip.  GOD said she was desperate to become a part of Phillip’s circle so that she could show off to her group of friends about the people she was mixing with.  
GOD said Phillip handed all the scripts to his friends with each of their names on them.  GOD said Clara Sornas his friend who is a real art teacher, was given the part of the slave master and a captor that had to be hidden until she had captured those who were to be captured, and her role was to play herself, the art teacher.   GOD said Phillip’s other friends at the dinner table all had the roles of captors, but some were playing themselves.  GOD said seven of them were given parts of art students which included the teacher, two students per model, even though they were not art students; some of them were given roles of interviewers.  GOD said some of them were given the roles as the campaigners who had to send out the adverts; some were given the roles of administrators, but the same people were also art students.  GOD said it was a big enough dinner table, so all of the roles were filled.   GOD said what they were doing all had to be kept a secret; they had to make real life statues with real live Black People, that was the topic of discussion at the dinner table that was written in Christopher Columbus’ notes.    
GOD said this is how Phillip, some of his family members and relatives and their friends get their frills on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and 10-yearly basis.  GOD said they believe that the world is their stage and everybody who is not on the stage with them are the extras that they don’t need.  GOD said Diana was given a role before she became a member of their family and her role was to behave sheepishly and shy.  GOD said Diana kept complaining all of the time, she didn’t like her role and she wanted to get out of it, and a member of the family helped her!  GOD said it wasn’t Charles who helped her; it was Phillip who arranged all of the helping.  GOD said how they behave in public places is not how they behave when they are in their own private spaces.  GOD said things Diana did and took part in put her in Hell.  GOD said the evil gene has come down through Phillip’s ancestral background, skipped a few even though  the family have taken part and known about evil which takes place within their family, the gene skipped Charles but it didn’t skip William.  GOD said William follows in his grandfather Phillip’s footsteps!  GOD said they are closely bonded because of it.
GOD said at the dinner table Phillip’s friends were all given instructions on everything that they had to do and they had to follow all of their instructions accurately in order to re-stage the main part of the hidden historical event accurately because it was part of a witchcraft ritual that he was performing from where he was.  
GOD said they were allowed to involve other people in the scam they were going to pull, but they were not allowed to tell anyone about what they were doing.  GOD said Clara Sornas had a friend who was also an artist named Inger Hodgson who she involved in the scam but didn’t tell her at first and her friend thought it was a real art school and became interested in the project.  GOD said Clara Sornas was trying to make her friend jealous, she let her friend Inger Hodgson in on the secret, but she didn’t want her to tell anyone because she didn’t want it getting back to Phillip that she couldn’t be trusted.  GOD said the event was to take place in Tanzania and that is why both artists Clara Sornas and Inger Hodgson were in Tanzania posing as art co-teachers working on a project which they had falsely set up as part of the event to capture the Black students in order to follow a demented and twisted historical event.  GOD said they set up their business like a professional art school funded by Phillip secretly.
GOD said it was now afternoon in the class, the Black models were taken into the classroom, the taking into the classroom was to represent capturing them.  GOD said witchcraft was being performed.  GOD said they were met by the teacher along with her seven students who were waiting to put them into bondage.  GOD said the teacher introduced the cover-up story then they started to work.  GOD said she spoke to the students who were the captors and told them to strip the Black models, this represented events that took place during the official Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, where they would strip the Black African People they had captured naked so that they would seem like savages captured in the wild, even though all the ancient artefacts depict the African People wearing clothes!  That is why the event was taking place in Tanzania, Africa because they wanted to re-stage an historical event which took place there.  
GOD said there was duct tape on the white student’s tables.  GOD said Clara Sornas told her students to pick up the duct tape and to wrap the tape around the models from the waist down, including their hands.  GOD said the Black models became afraid of the duct tape because they felt trapped and the white students continued to tape them up.  GOD said she showed her students how to bind the Black models with the tape, as she was binding the arms, she wrapped the tape around their arms individually first and then bound them to the body so that they could not get free and then she started binding the body down to the feet.  GOD said her students were following her, it was part of the instructions that she was following a set of instructions that she had been given by Phillip.  
GOD said Inger Hodgson was jealous of her friend because she was desperate to get in to Phillip’s circle, the circle her friend Clara Sornas was mixing in.  GOD said that day while the ritual was taking place in the fake art classroom, Inger Hodgson, Clara’s friend, was busy trying to find someone so that she could take part in the ritual she knew was taking place so that she so that the things she did would be talked about because she was trying to find a way to become friends with Phillip, so that she could get invitations to special parties and dinners.  
GOD said Inger Hodgson was talking to different people on the streets in an attempt to lure one of them into the fake classroom she helped to set up where the ritual was taking place so that she could make up her very own statue to make an impression on Phillip.  GOD said most people she approached expressed an interest in the art class that she talked about was taking place, but they said they were busy.  GOD said Inger Hodgson noticed a young teenage Black girl who was waiting at the bus stop and decided to approach her.  GOD said Inger Hodgson asked the young teenager if she was interested in art and the girl happened to be a good art student who was studying art at school.  GOD said Inger Hodgson informed the young teenage girl that the art class was taking place in the building opposite the bus stop and statues were being made.  GOD said Inger Hodgson said to the girl “I know that you are busy, but just take a quick look.”  GOD said Inger Hodgson made it sound really interesting and told her they were looking for new students and if she liked what she saw she could join, GOD said that’s why the girl became interested and that is how Inger Hodgson lured the young girl into the building.  GOD said Inger Hodgson was being pushy and the girl didn’t want to seem rude because she appreciated the amount of time Inger Hodgson had spent with her and she didn’t Inger Hodgson to feel that her time spent talking to her was wasted.
GOD showed me the distance from the top of the building where the fake art class took place and it was a short distance to the bus stop.  GOD said the young teenage Black girl was reluctant to go with Inger Hodgson because she didn’t know her, but the girl took the chance because she was curious and interested and the girl said she would like to go in and see what happening, so she followed Inger Hodgson.  GOD said the young teenage girl was apprehensive because Inger Hodgson had to open the main entrance door with a key but she convinced the girl that the door was to be kept locked at all times because of thieves and vandals and for personal safety.  GOD said the girl understood what Inger Hodgson was saying so the young girl followed Inger Hodgson into the building.  GOD said when they were inside the building Inger Hodgson locked the door, the young teenage girl was afraid, the girl was thinking of fighting Inger Hodgson for the key, but Inger Hodgson convinced her that she would be OK, it was part of the rules and the regulations to lock the door whilst in the building.    
GOD said while Clara Sornas and her students were almost finished taping up the Black models, they heard someone put the key in the lock and Clara Sornas and her students became frightened because they didn’t know who it was and the models who were taped up were afraid also, because they didn’t know what was going to happen to them because they had expressed their wish to be released from the tape, their requests were ignored, they became even more afraid.  GOD said the binding of the tape was meant to represent chains.  
GOD said when the door opened and they saw it was Inger Hodgson, Clara Sornas and the white students were all relieved that it was Inger Hodgson and no-one else who were coming to capture them!  GOD said they saw the young Black girl with her.  GOD let me hear the conversation, Clara Sornas asked Inger Hodgson “Inger, it’s you, What are you doing here?  You are not meant to be here!”  Inger responded “I brought in another one.”  GOD said the young girl that Inger Hodgson had lured into the building, up the stairs and into the fake classroom with her became afraid when she saw the other Black teenagers standing in the concrete base that was stuck around them, it wasn’t the type of art class she was expecting to find she looked and saw that the people standing in the concrete bases were   prisoners.  GOD said she saw the blood and skin stripped off of their bodies and she saw the whips with the blood and skin still left on them, she became petrified.  GOD said the young girl who standing at the open door with Inger Hodgson could see the tears that were running down the faces of those standing in the concrete bases, she couldn’t any sound coming from them because their mouths had been covered over with duct tape.  GOD said everybody stopped moving when the door opened because everybody was afraid.  GOD said the young girl thought one or two of them who were standing in the concrete bases were dead.  GOD said they were not dead; they had passed out from the pain and fear.   
GOD said the young teenage girl turned towards the stairs and ran down them to escape, as she was running down the stairs, one of the men asked Inger “Did you remember to lock the door?”  GOD said that the captors were frightened the young girl would escape because of what she had just witnessed.  Inger Hodgson replied “She cannot get out, I locked the door.”  One of the men replied to Inger Hodgson “Good girl.”  GOD said the young girl heard what Inger Hodgson had said to the man and she remembered the door was locked and Inger Hodgson had the key.  GOD said as the young girl turned towards the stairs to start running one of the men who was close to the door leaned forwards and grabbed hold of the young girls arm.  GOD said as he did that the young girl tripped up and fell down, the other man grabbed her by her foot and dragged her into the fake art class room and locked the door she had now been captured.    GOD said after they had leaned forwards all of the capturers were glad for Inger Hodgson’s involvement they said that it added realistic effects to what they were trying to achieve and discussed that they now know the buzz and the rush their ancestors must have felt while they were capturing the Black African Slaves during The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.  GOD said everything was thought out and planned, except for Inger Hodgson’s involvement.  GOD said all the in the room said Inger Hodgson’s involvement added special effects to the over all experience.  GOD said they were describing their experience like fireworks or like going for a bungee jump.
GOD said the young girl was not part of the planned ritual, it was a publicity stunt Inger Hodgson used to try to upstage her friend Clara Sornas so that Clara Sornas’ friend Phillip would be impressed and let her in to his circle.  GOD said when the strong men dragged the young girl into the fake art room, because the young girl was not part of the planned ritual and they didn’t have to follow instructions, they knew they could do whatever they wanted to do because she was extra.  GOD said they stripped her first.  GOD said one of the five strong men who were in the fake art room made a comment and said to the other strong men “She is just an extra to fill our boots.”  GOD said they were referring to the young girl Inger Hodgson lured into the building and up the stairs, the young girl who one of the strong men lunged forward at her and caused her to stumble and fall, the young girl who one of the strong men dragged in by her foot into the fake art room so that she was captured.  
GOD said while she was lying naked on the floor, everybody in the fake art room were looking at her young body and the men especially were lusting. GOD said they knew they were going to murder her so they felt they had nothing to lose.  GOD said all the men stood there discussing what they wanted to do with the young girl before they made her into a statue.  GOD said one of the men said he didn’t want to waste her, another said he couldn’t resist the temptation.  GOD said one of the men insisted that he wanted to go first and because he was adamant the other men let him go first.  GOD said the first strong man got on top of the young girl and started raping her, while the other 4 men who were in the fake art room waiting for their turn helped to pin the young girl to the floor, GOD said two men both held a leg each and two men both held an arm each that they held onto so that the young girl couldn’t move while she was being raped.  GOD said the young girl was crying and screaming and begging for them to stop.  GOD said the young girl was crying out to HIM to help her.  GOD said one of the men kissed the young girl and she wouldn’t open her mouth GOD said he was angry.  GOD showed ME a clip of the scene he got up off the floor, picked up a tool that was on the table that was being used to sculpture the statues and he used a scalpel to cut open her mouth.  GOD said she spat the blood on the floor, he saw it as her giving him a reason and he started slicing her face.  GOD said the other men didn’t allow him to cause too much damage to her body because they still hadn’t had their turn yet.
GOD said the young girl was being tortured and repeatedly each strong man took his turn while the others held her down and raped the young girl over and over and over again until the strong men started to complain that they were feeling weak and tired.
GOD said the young girl was feeling weak and was bleeding from her mouth and bleeding because the five big strong men forced themselves into the young little girl.  GOD said the five men who were in the fake art room were not worried about catching infections because they could tell by looking at her that the young girl was still a virgin.  GOD said all of the young teenagers in the fake art class were all virgins.  GOD said the reason why they didn’t rape their other four victims who were captured in the fake art room earlier was because it was not on the list of Phillip’s instructions, GOD said Phillip had other things on his mind while he was making his list, like making sure that the type of curse from the witchcraft he was using would stick.  GOD said HE did not make HIMSELF visual but HE was there in the room while the witchcraft ritual was being performed, because HE was making sure it did not stick.  GOD said while HE was there, HE was Judging the men’s and the women’s hearts who were committing the torture, rape and murders and performing the witchcraft ritual and in their hearts they were deeply evil.  GOD said HE was Judging the victim’s hearts and all of them remained pure and innocent all the way through the sick twisted and sadistic brutal ritual because they were pure and respectful and that is why they became victims. 
GOD said all the torturers could think about while they were torturing their victims was the frills and the buzzes they were getting from the experiences of inflicting pain and the frills and the buzzes they were getting from the fear they could see on their victims faces while they were being captured. GOD said they used their position and wealth to set up a fake organisation to lure and trick their innocent victims.
GOD said the man who insisted on going first and they let him go first, was carrying the HIV virus.  GOD said all the men in the room who raped he little girl caught the HIV virus that they later spread to their different partners who infected the different groups in the different secret societies.
GOD said while all five strong white men took their turn in raping the young girl, who was black, all of the white women who were involved in the racist, evil torture, the white women stood or sat watching or were lying on the tables, enjoying watching the white man raping the young black girl.  GOD said the white women were getting pleasure from watching because it was white men raping a black female, the young girl.  GOD said the white women were turned on by what they were seeing and they became sexually aroused.  GOD said if they were men, they would have joined in the rape.  GOD said Inger Hodgson was the woman who was lying on the table was lying on the table she was playing with herself using the end of one of the tools because she was receiving pleasure while she was watching her victims suffer whose bottom halves of their bodies were encased in concrete and the young girl was repeatedly being raped and tortured.  GOD said Clara kept encouraging those in the room who were causing the torture and rape to keep seeing everything they were doing as art “because art is never ever wrong.”  GOD said that is why they went all the way!  GOD said everybody who was part of the torture, the rapes, and the witchcraft ritual were all Phillip’s friends, apart from Inger Hodgson, who had not yet invited her to any of his dinner parties.  
GOD said when all the men had satisfied themselves from raping and torturing the young girl, and all of the women had finished either playing with themselves or being sexually aroused, Clara Sornas told the others she wanted to move on swiftly.  GOD said by the time they finished raping the young girl it was late evening, GOD said it was dark outside.  GOD said Clara Sornas informed Inger Hodgson on the different stages that she should take her victim in order to complete the ritual.  GOD said because Inger Hodgson came in later than the others who were half-way through making their statues and performing the rituals Inger Hodgson wanted to catch up. GOD said Clara Sornas gave her friend, Inger Hodgson her box of tricks to use, so that Inger Hodgson could catch up and complete the ritual.   
GOD said because they were now taking up the ritual from where it left off, after Inger Hodgson interrupted, they now took back on their roles and started referring to themselves as captors and to the black teenagers whose bottom halves of their bodies encased in concrete and the young girl who was now lying in a pool of her blood after being repeatedly and violently raped and tortured and sliced as the black slaves.  GOD said Inger Hodgson was now following the script that was given to Clara Sornas by Philip and she took on the role of a slave master and she started to work from the list of instructions in the script and Clara Sornas gave Inger Hodgson her box of tricks to use.  GOD said Inger Hodgson was now set up to play the part of the captor.  GOD said because of her role play she had to speak with an authorative captors voice GOD said Clara Sornas was set for her role and ordered the male captors to tie up her captive slave, the young girl, who she lured into the building and up the stairs earlier that afternoon.  GOD said the men who were playing their role did as they were asked swiftly.  GOD said because it was late, and they wanted to leave because they were tired they started to work quickly.  
GOD said Inger Hodgson mixed her concrete in the same way as Clara Sornas and the others had mixed their concrete and she started to make her base around the young girl, who was lying down while she was putting the base around her because she was weak and bleeding and couldn’t stand up straight.  GOD said while Inger Hodgson was making her base of her statue around the girl, the others mixed up the concrete for their own statues.  GOD said they used the correct levels which was thinner than the first original measurement of the base because they wanted to keep the shape of the faces and bodies so it seemed as if they had made a good impression of the model and make it seem as if the statues of the models were chiselled.  
GOD said the others were ahead of Inger Hodgson in making their statues and they were in the process of waxing on the concrete onto the bodies of the slaves while Inger Hodgson was still finishing of her base.   GOD said the consistency of the concrete for the top half of the body had to be runny so that it would be easy to smoothen out and spread.   GOD said they didn’t want to waste time, they added more water so that the mixture would be even runnier to spread quicker and they poured the runny mixture over the four Black students who were already trapped in the bases, and who had been trying to break off limbs to get out.  GOD said they didn’t want to wax because their hands were tired from the beatings and punches they were giving to the slaves.  GOD said they used a plastic spatula like what is used to scrape out the mixture from a cake bowl and pasted the concrete all over their models until they had covered them completely and used their hands to cover the places that the spatula couldn’t. 
GOD said the reason why they pasted the concrete onto the bodies with a spatula was because they themselves had broken fingers and knuckles because of the beatings they were giving to their victims 
GOD said while the quick drying concrete was drying quickly, the young Black models inside were feeling claustrophobic, praying in their minds that HE, GOD, would take them.  HE said they were frightened and the feeling was like being locked in a small cupboard.  GOD said they waited until they were ready to leave to cover their noses with the cement because the captors wanted their victims to go through the experience of what it felt like to be trapped!  GOD said that when the captors had finished making their models, they were feeling hungry and tired, so they left but left Inger Hodgson on her own to finish off, as they were leaving they told Inger Hodgson to use the key that she had to lock the door on her way out and they would all go back the next day to clean up.   GOD said Inger Hodgson was eager to go back to where she was staying as well, she did the same to the young girl who she lured and they all captured and the men raped.  GOD said just before Inger Hodgson finished her statue she wanted to experience watching someone’s brain exploding so Inger Hodgson took the scalpel that was used to slice the young girls face and mouth she stabbed the scalpel into her skull deep and left it there.  
GOD said she then had to thicken the mixture with more powder so that she could cover the scalpel that she left in the young girl’s brain and so she swooped and swirled her hands in the concrete around the young girls head to make it seem as if she was leaving an artists impression, but it was because she was hiding the scalpel that she had pushed down with force into the young girl’s brain.  GOD said after, Inger Hodgson turned off the light, closed the door and locked it and ran down the stairs, locked the door and ran through the streets.  
GOD said the girl died instantly and the rest of the victims in the statues died between 2 ½ days and 3 days later.  GOD said while they were trapped inside the statues their bodies were itching, they were thirsty, they felt hunger pains, fear, tiredness, they needed to go to the toilet, some of them did it inside, they were bleeding and feeling physical pain from the torture, weakness, they were slipping in and out of consciousness.  GOD said they were feeling emotional pain, they were thinking about their families 
GOD said on Phillips instructions they were told to bore a hole through the noses so that they would last the full duration, the length of time that it would take the body to die naturally without water.  GOD said he wanted to make sure the slaves suffered! 
GOD said all of the captors followed the same instructions and did the same things to each of their slaves.
GOD said the others made phone calls when they had finished their project and they were picked up in a car, but Inger Hodgson had to make her own way to where she was staying because she was not part of the planned project.
GOD said the father was looking for his 16-year old daughter, it was late at night and she was a good girl and it was unusual for her to be out that late and nobody knew her whereabouts and he was worried.
GOD said after Inger Hodgson dug the scalpel into the young girls head just before she left, the blood squirted up onto her.  GOD said she cleaned herself up a bit but it didn’t make much difference, the blood could still be seen on her clothes.  GOD said Inger Hodgson carried her jacket on her arm to disguise the thick blood stains which were on the clothes she was wearing.  
GOD said Inger Hodgson ran down the stairs, went out of the building and locked the door behind her, as she was running to get home she pushed passed a man in the street, who was wandering around as if he was lost.  GOD said it was the young girl’s father.  GOD said the man held onto Inger’s arm and noticed the blood stains on Ingers clothes, made by the force of the scalpel which Inger Hodgson pushed with force into the young girls brain, because she wanted to know and experience the effects on a person.  GOD said HE had no involvement in the rituals that were taking place or the clean-up operations but HE was glad of what Inger did with the scalpel because of what HE had witnessed and knew and understood what the young girl had just gone through.  
GOD let me hear a clip of the man asking Inger Hodgson if she had seen a young teenager.  GOD said Inger Hodgson paused for a moment and suspected that the man may be one of their victims who they had just murdered.  GOD said Inger Hodgson didn’t answer the man, she pushed him out of her way and carried on running anxiously to get away so she could not be placed at the murder scene because she was not part of the operation she wasn’t sure if she was covered by her friend’s Clara Sornas’ guarantor, Phillip Hitler.
GOD said the father became suspicious because of the blood stains he saw on the woman’s clothes she was trying to hide with her jacket and he was convinced something had happened to his little girl.  GOD said the father of the missing teenager started to put 2 and 2 together and became even more suspicious and felt that there may have been a connection between the woman with blood on her clothes and his daughter’s disappearance. 
GOD said the father was in so much distress after seeing the woman with so much blood on her clothes and he couldn’t find his daughter, GOD said the father of the young girl was in so much distress that he broke down in the street on the ground because he was convinced that the woman who had pushed past him in the street had something to do with the disappearance of his daughter.  GOD said people rushed towards him because they didn’t know why he was screaming and they started calling the police on their mobile phones.  GOD said the police attended the scene where the young girl’s father had broken down in the street and the man along with the witnesses gave a good description of the woman, Inger Hodgson, and because she is a white woman she stood out like a sore thumb in Zanzibar, where the residents are mainly Black and Asian-looking.  GOD said the police started an investigation and took accounts from eye witnesses who were drinking and eating outside of the bars and cafes and those inside also.  GOD said people gave their accounts of the woman who they had seen running through the streets with blood on her clothes, but most of them thought she might have been in an accident or got into a fight with her partner. 
GOD said later, when Inger Hodgson reached her destination of where she was staying, she made contact with her friend, Clara Sornas, and Clara Sornas made a phone call to the mobile number she was given, to the cleaner who was part of the clean-up operation.  GOD said the cleaner (hit-man) made contact with Inger Hodgson that night and met up with her.  GOD said Inger Hodgson didn’t know who the young girl was, she did not attend the school which Clara Sornas and the others had set up, Inger Hodgson picked the young girl random on the street.   GOD said Inger Hodgson and the hit-man went back top the building first and looked through the young girls handbag she was carrying before she was lured, raped and murdered.  GOD said they went through the young girl’s bag with her, with her personal details that’s how they found out where the girl’s family lived.  GOD said they both drove to the young girl’s family home and sat outside in the car as if they were police on a stakeout! 
GOD said the hit-man made a direct call to the White House that night to let them know that things did not work to plan and that the Tanzania police were involved.  GOD said a call was placed from the White House to the head office Tanzania police department and spoke to the chief who is part of a secret society, for favours, who then sent down orders to the department who was investigating to stop the investigation.  GOD said they knew who they were investigating because they found details of the girls name in her bag and because the police had been contacted by people on their mobiles and attended the scene of the witnesses.  GOD said there was now going to be a clean-up operation and so people at the White House told the police in Zanzibar that they didn’t want them to investigate the disappearance of the missing young teenager.  GOD said these accounts are jogging the memories of people who were witnesses on the street and in the bars and café’s in Zanzibar in 1998, the night the young teenage girl was ritually murdered.  GOD said people who remember that night should back up these accounts by speaking out about what they remember and not to be afraid because HE is protecting them!
GOD said Inger Hodgson was worried about being identified as a murder suspect so she called Clara Sornas who made a call to a number which she was given as a contact, part of the clean-up operation team arranged by the American government, the Bush family, who were in office in 1998 the time when the secret ritual to enslave all Black People took place by hand-picked members of the different secret societies.  GOD said Phillip was staying at the White House in America with friends who he and they were performing other parts of the ritual connected with the ritual that was taking place in the fake art class room in Zanzibar.  GOD said after the ritual was completed at the white house and other governments around the world Phillip left the white house in America caught the private jet arranged by the president George Bush senior and made his journey to Zanzibar to complete the final part of the ritual, the cutting of the tape.  
GOD said as part of Phillip’s clean-up operation and all those who were involved in enslavement ritual the young girl’s families were all murdered as part of the Black enslavement ritual.  GOD said all of the victims who were placed in the statues families were all murdered as part of the Black enslavement ritual which they made seem to those who were black working in government who know some of the secrets about a clean-up operation but did not know that the clean-up operation was connected with the Black enslavement ritual which was taking place worldwide, GOD said the focus was on Zanzibar, where the statues of the young teenagers were created.  
GOD said part of the ritual was for Phillip to be there at the site where the murders and rituals had taken place.  GOD said Philip went to see the statues secretly before they were unveiled and he cut the tape.  GOD said when Phillip saw the statues he knew there were live people in them who had now passed away, he burst out laughing, GOD let ME hear him and see him, rocking back and forth belly-laughing with a laugh that sounded like a typical English gentleman.  GOD said Phillip noticed the 5th statue which was not part of his planned script, he asked Clara why there was an extra statue.  Clara Sornas told Phillip about what her friend Inger Hodgson did and explained about the rushes and frills.  At first Phillip was angry because he know that Inger Hodgson kept trying to find was to enter his circle so he thought what she did was a mean selfish disgusting trick and a stunt Inger Hodgson had used to trick him into liking her but when he found the full story he was impressed with her artistic impression and the statue became his favourite compared to all the others.
GOD said the pretend students who later became the captors and rapists were Phillip’s special team of builders who work for Telford Homes, one of Phillip’s businesses. 
GOD said just before the ritual of the unveiling, they dug a pit, levelled the concrete quickly and placed the statues inside the concrete pit and used more concrete to secure them to the pit into the positions that they are in now.  GOD said the neck braces were part of the package sent to the artist Clara Sornas and when the builders had finished, she put the neck braces on the statues to show off their work of art.  GOD said after that, the official ritual the unveiling and cutting of the tape was done by Phillip.
GOD said the Black students were tricked.  Clara Sornas the teacher wanted to keep the Black models calm while they were being binded in tape, she put on soft music to calm them down so they wouldn’t become suspicious about what was really happening.  GOD said while they were being binded in the duct tape some of them changed their minds and asked to be released.  GOD said Clara Sornas told the Black models not to worry, and ensured them that they would cut the tape off from around them after the “clay,”  that was really concrete, had set because she wanted them to keep the same position.  GOD said once Clara Sornas knew the models could no longer set themselves free, she switched off the soft music and started calling them slaves and referred to the black people the had just enslaved she called them slaves and the other captors started to follow Clara Sornas, who was re-enacting the slave master that she was following from the instructions that had been handed to her by Phillip.
GOD said while Clara Sornas and the other captors were enslaving the Black models as part of the ritual, she couldn’t use the word “slave” because she didn’t want to alert them until they were trapped.  GOD said once all the captors had all of the Black slaves trapped, they started taunting them, calling them slaves, GOD said they were being slapped, spat at, kicked and punched and whipped so that the captor’s and the slave’s experiences could feel real.  GOD said after they finished covering them with concrete the Black students were still alive, but because of the concrete they knew it would be hard for the Black students who were inside to hear the taunting, so the captors started shouting you’re tar-babies, can you hear me, banging on the concrete to those students who were still alive mummified in a casket!
GOD said when the art lesson first began the teacher Clara Sornas who was really the slave master and captor told her students, the other captors, GOD said as Clara stripped her model, she told the captors posing as students that she wanted them to strip their models naked.  GOD said the black models were feeling uncomfortable at this stage but they still agreed because it was a job, so they allowed Clara Sornas and her students to strip them.  GOD said everything that was being performed was symbolic rituals, but real.  GOD said everything she wanted, she did first and they knew to copy.  GOD said she placed her model into the position she wanted her statue design to look like and the others, the captors, did the same.  GOD said Clara Sornas made her model stand with hands to the sides and bounded them with duct tape, so that their hands couldn’t become free and her students, the other captors, did the same.  
GOD said when they were bound Clara Sornas started mixing up the concrete that was meant to be clay.  GOD said the Black models could have broken out from clay.   GOD said Clara Sornas was following the measurements accurately on the list of instructions that had been handed to her by Phillip, GOD said they were each following their instructions from Clara Sornas that had been written down for them to do, and they were each following their own instructions that had been handed to them personally by Phillip, apart from Inger Hodgson who did not have a script because she was not part of the original script, Inger Hodgson wrote herself into the script!  GOD said to make sure that they were following instructions accurately they made sure that another copy of the instructions was put into the boxes that they brought with them the buckets and tools to mix the concrete, bowls, scrapers and bags of concrete, etc., to make sure that they were following the correct procedures they put in the boxes another copy of the list of instructions in each of their boxes, GOD said they took more concrete than they needed because they didn’t know how much concrete they were going to need.
GOD said while slave master Clara Sornas and the other captors were measuring and mixing the concrete that they told and convinced their victims that it was only clay.  GOD said they were working accurately to the measurements on the instructions written on the pieces of paper, which double the powder recommended on the bag of concrete and half the quantity of water suggested on the concrete packaging.  GOD said when Clara Sornas and the others finished measuring everything accurately to Phillip’s required standards, GOD said Clara Sornas emptied the rest of her powder that was left in the concrete bag into the mixing bucket and started mixing it.  GOD said the others thought she did it because she didn’t want to waste the concrete and they asked her if that was the reason why she did it.  GOD said she replied she did it because she wanted to make sure it would stick!   GOD said the other captors followed.  
GOD said after Clara Sornas had finished mixing her concrete for the base of her status to her evil standards and the others did the same.  GOD said Clara Sornas tried waxing the thick concrete onto the duct tape.  GOD said because the concrete was mixed so thick they couldn’t wax it on, so they had to pack the base and bang it and pat the concrete into shape to create the base for their work of art.  GOD said by this stage the Black people they had enslaved were petrified.  
GOD said while the Black models were being tricked into becoming enslaved they were worried, because they were told by Clara Sornas and those who had involvement in interviewing them that statues were going to be made of them, but the Black models that they had planned to enslave had no idea that they themselves were going to become the statues.  GOD said the models who had responded to the advert thought that they were going to stand or sit in a position that was required by the students artist and that they would model their clay statues by watching them as models from a distance.  GOD said Clara Sornas, the teacher reassured the Black models not to worry because when the clay had set and they had the shape they wanted, they would carefully cut the clay away from their bodies. 
GOD said Clara convinced the Black models that she needed to use the duct tape around them first, so that the clay would not stick to their bodies.  GOD said as the duct tape was being twined around them they were afraid but because they were respectful people they didn’t want to mess up their art work, so they listened to Clara Sornas who kept reassuring them and kept still. GOD said the captors were all white and those who were tricked and forced to become slaves were all black.  GOD said both the slave masters, Clara Sornas and Inger Hodgson along with the other white captors were all working in time and as quickly as they could, GOD said it was recommended in the instructions they were following so that those they were enslaving wouldn’t know they were being enslaved by their captors, so that they wouldn’t try to escape.
GOD said when the Black models were bounded in tape and they couldn’t free themselves the ringleader of the group in the art class room, Clara Sornas, started referring to them who were bounded in duct tapes as slaves, instantly, they began to understand what was taking place and then they became petrified.  GOD said they started screaming and shouting; they started begging to be released.   
GOD said they were shouting “You’re evil!” in different languages and they were swearing and they became verbally aggressive because they were in fear of what they knew and felt  was going to happen to them.   GOD said Clara Sornas took out her cat o’ nine tails that was placed in her box of tricks, on all the boxes the words were written “box of tricks,” and Clara Sornas started whipping the person she had enslaved with the whip.  GOD said the others took out their cat o’ nine tails from their box of tricks and followed what Clara was doing.  GOD said Inger Hodgson did her whipping later than the others because it was unplanned for her to take part in the ritual and she walked in with the young black teenager half way through the art class GOD said because of the length of time it took all those strong men to rape the teenager girl two times each,  Clara Sornas gave her box of tricks to her friend Inger Hodgson to use to commit the same evil acts performed half way through the ritual  on the young teenage black girl she had just lured up to the art class from the bus stop.
GOD said as they started whipping the young Black students from the school they deceitfully set up to capture their targets, GOD said as they were whipping them, their skin started to peel off their bodies. GOD said it was like what was done to HIM by those in the field while HE was living in Jamaica.   GOD said although it was part of an evil ritual, Clara Sornas chose to look at the crimes they were committing from an artistic angle and she encouraged all the others criminals who were following her to have the same point of view as her. 
GOD said they let those who they had just enslaved cry out first a few times as part of the ritual and then they placed the duct tape over their mouths so that they could no longer make any noise.  GOD said it was because they were unable to make any noise, as they were going the torture and fear they started to pass out.  GOD said and it was because of the lashes from the cat o’ nine tails with the sharp embedded metals and broken bits of glass they were receiving, which cause them to kept regaining consciousness from the torture which went on and on, but they did not die.  GOD said the number of lashes that they should receive was specifically specified within the written text, they should be whipped 7 times 7 lashes.  
GOD said Clara Sornas and Inger Hodgson both performed as the slave master, captors, teachers and played all of the different roles and the others played the captors, students, rapists, torturers, murderers and artists. GOD said although Phillip chose to disassociate himself from being seen to be part of the different evil acts that have been committed, Phillip is centre stage because Phillip Hitler is the evil mind behind the evil acts behind the secret performances. 
GOD said later, the Zanzibar police made contact with the father of the missing young teenager by visiting the family home but they did not go to investigate.  GOD said they went as part of the clean-up operation team.  GOD said the Zanzibar police assisted the world government by giving details of all the different families and relatives and some of their close friends who were connected to the murdered teenagers who were enslaved and made into statues and became a part of the clean-up operation.
“Over and over and over again non-stop I have watched history repeat itself and it is like watching the same movie over and over and over again non-stop or like the same record that has been played over and over again, because it is scratched, that is how it feels to watch your contaminated line which carbon dates all the way back to Abraham’s family who sent themselves out as seeds of Abraham seeds which became contaminated through incest and bestiality because of Abraham’s nastiness and bad-mindedness over a promise I never made to Abraham, the promise Abraham’s seeds have been chasing after and in the event of them chasing, they have caused wars, slavery, poverty , disease, sickness, drought, famine, murders, sacrifices, witchcraft, torture, rape, child abuse, greed and tiredness, a list that has to come to an end.  All your different lines of evil trace back to Abraham and his family because of the plagues Abraham sent out through his generation, the same acts of evil Abraham displayed that he lied about and his wife Sarah documented that was handed to his offspring to be passed to their offspring and so on and so on and so on, so that Abraham’s descendants could follow in his evil footsteps.  It is a greedy dream, a dream that has been recycled many times over by the different descendants of Abraham but on different scales and measures. 
That is why it is written that 'there is nothing new under the sun' and  IT IS ENOUGH and that is why I have chosen to Use MY WIFE to break the evil cycle!”  

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