[Adduser-devel] Are You Reliable?

Janet Obeid mrsjo123 at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Aug 6 05:02:35 UTC 2013


I am Mrs. Janet Obeid; it's true we  do not known each other but My spirit led me to write you this email. I write you with heavy tears in my eyes and great sorrow in my heart because my Doctor informed me that It will take only the will of God for me to survive due to my Complicated health issues (CANCER). Based on this, I want to will my money 10.5 million USD to a faithful and God fearing person who will use it as I will instruct hence I am contacting you. I want you to use the funds to raise a business in any area you have experience and expertise and to disburse 50% of the annual net profit on charity causes, 35% for expansion (or diversification) while 15% will be kept by you as compensation for your labour.The disbursements should be made to charities such as orphanages, motherless babies homes and to humanitarian causes.  I will wait to hear from you if you can handle this task with honesty.

Reply me only on this email: mrsjo124 at yahoo.co.jp

Warm wishes from, 
Janet Obeid

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