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Stainless steel ice cube Supply d at tyjrtfghe.mygbiz.com
Tue Nov 5 12:10:30 UTC 2013

Dear Sir/Ms,

Good day!

Here is Michael from hardware Co.,Ltd
Now I honor introduce one hot selling "stainless steel ice cube", which is  
our latest products, made of food safe material. It is designed to cool  
drinks without watering them down like ice cubes, surely it will not add  
anything to drinks or change the taste. Keep it in the freezer before  
putting it into the drinks, especially something like whiskey. Its obvious  
function which different from the tradition ice cube is that it can be  
Here, your dreams about drinking the perfect chill will exact come true! I  
suppose your customers must be interested in them. Whether you"re used to  
sell it or do promotion gifts, it will have a very good feedback. Hope you  
can interested in this product...

Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

Best regards sincerely!
Hardware Productc Co., Ltd.
Baoan Shenzhen, China   518103

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