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Video conference camera and HD camera Supply info9 at wef.exbusines.com
Sun Apr 6 13:41:03 UTC 2014

or Madam,
YASEN video conference camera brings you face to face feeling. We supply  
Standard video conference camera and HD video conference camera.

Quality: The video conference camera was composite by zoom module and dome  
camera. All cameras was used original SONY zoom module inside it. Dome part  
was developed by our R&D team. Till this year, we have 7 years experience  
in this field. Our products have been installed in over 30 countries and  
enjoy good reputation from our clients.

Price: How to find cost-effective products?
YASEN quality is compared with 95% SONY. But you only need to pay less than  
50% SONY price. We have retained a little profit to us, but a lot of space  
to the dealer.

Service: Professional, Fast, Effective, Integrity.

Warranty: All products warranty is 2 year. We will repair defective  
products without charge during the period.
Have a nice day!
Best regards,

Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:  ShenZhen, China

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