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UK Approves First Three Person Babies
MPs have voted in favour of the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one man, in a historic move. The UK is now set to become the first country to introduce laws to allow the creation of babies from three people. 
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DNA ‘editing’ could shape the future of sports 
Thinking about the future of DNA technology can be mind-boggling, not to mention fraught with moral issues that we need to take into consideration as we move to a more mutable human race.
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Computers That You Eat (or That Eat You?) 
Ray Kurzweil’s dream of internal nanobots floating around our bloodstream making us immortal by eradicating diseases and slowing down the aging process may actually be a reality sooner than any of us ever thought.
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Clone your pet dog or cat to keep them forever 
The cost to clone 1 dog is $100,000 USD. There is only one company in the World that can do it. 
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The Artificial Womb Is Born: Welcome To The World Of The Matrix 
The artificial womb exists. In Tokyo, researchers have developed a technique called EUFI — extrauterine fetal incubation. 
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Melting Ice Could Wake Up Ancient Frozen Viruses 
Melting polar regions are already causing unprecedented sea level rise but there are other threats besides water buried in the swiftly melting ice. 
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18 Artificial Intelligence researchers reveal the profound changes coming to our lives 
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but never has AI felt more ubiquitous than now. 
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