[Adduser-devel] Bug#36019: Bug#36019: Status of Hooks for adduser/deluser?

Afif Elghraoui afif at debian.org
Fri Apr 7 03:54:05 UTC 2017


على الإثنين  3 نيسـان 2017 ‫17:28، كتب Patrik Schindler:
> since there’s only infrequent updates on this one, I’d like to ask if there has been any progress on the topic?

No, no updates. My priority for the adduser bugs are those that I've
tagged 'confirmed'. I made patches for some of those, but I haven't
gotten around to setting up a testing environment to verify them and my
spare time has been extremely limited.


Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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