[Adduser-devel] Bug#868568: Bug#868568: adduser - deluser command says user has running processes when user has a custom UID assigned

Afif Elghraoui afif at debian.org
Sun Aug 13 03:49:01 UTC 2017

Control: reassign -1 passwd


I'm sorry for the delay. As far as Debian Unstable goes, I cannot
reproduce the issue on a clean VM, so it may be limited to Stretch as
you said. In any case, this part:

> root at debian:~# deluser foo
> Removing user `foo' ...
> Warning: group `foo' has no more members.
> userdel: user foo is currently used by process 4892
> /usr/sbin/deluser: `/usr/sbin/userdel foo' returned error code 8. Exiting.

shows that the error is coming from userdel. deluser issued the command
`/usr/bin/userdel foo` and userdel gave you this message. I'm therefore
reassigning this ticket to the passwd package, which is where userdel
comes from. You should hear from its maintainers as a result.


Afif Elghraoui | عفيف الغراوي

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