Possible freeze exception for autopkgtest

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Fri Jul 6 20:18:27 UTC 2012

Ian Jackson [2012-07-05 20:30 +0100]:
>  #678359  autopkgtest: Depends: @ only works when building the source
>      This is a pretty significant bug and really needs IMO to be
>      fixed.  I'm tempted to declare it RC.  There is a patch
>      available, which looks good, and I intend to accept it (after
>      double-checking and testing it myself).
>      With your approval, I intend to make an upload to fix this soon -
>      after 2.2.2 has propagated to testing.

As an additional data point, Ubuntu's autopkgtest jobs


are running happily with autopkgtest with this patch since yesterday
(it's the only remaining delta compared with the current Debian
unstable version).


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