sophia dede sophia.dede910 at
Tue Jul 17 23:01:43 UTC 2012

Dear Beloveth.

I Mrs.Sophia Dede, I was born 20th of January,1947. Please accept my
apologies for any inconvenience.
I am sufferring from lung cancer for eight months ago, I experience a lot
of pain, which can lead to death.
My doctor just told me that my days are numbered, and my health is
My family situation is such that I was a widow with no children, with whom
I could leave my legacy.
That's why I want the grace and help the poor, I leave my legacy, which is
the cost ($ 950,000 USD), so you can use to help the poor, the homeless,
the poor and orphans.
I would like to send the following information: (1).Your full
Name,(2).your exact adres,(3). Your phone number if possible, a fax
And finally I will send all necessary documents relating to funds in the
bank, all I want is your good will.
I look forward to your good will, and especially the proper use of these
Thank you can contact me as soon as possible if I am between life and
death.My private address for more information: (sophia.dede910 at
May God bless you.Yours sincerely  Mrs.Sophia Dede.

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