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Mapping sid to unstable.

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autopkgtest (2.1.0) unstable; urgency=low
  * Remove our strange apt config on exit.
    Partial fix to #648142, from Timo Lindfors.
  * Suppress apt-listbugs and apt-listchanges.  Michael Prokop.
  * Fix parsing of "@" dependencies.  Colin Watson.  Closes: #667022.
  * Fix NameError re "f" in restriction parsing.
    Martin Pitt.  Closes: #647882.
  * Improve handling of schroot root-users and root-groups.
    Colin Watson.  Closes: #667001.
  * Correctly handle quoting of copyup/copydown filenames.  Fixes
    but where we couldn't cope with packages' filenames containing
    + and ~.  Report from Martin Pitt.  Closes: #648161.
  Documentation fixes:
  * Clarify the spec to say that copyup/down takes encoded filenames.
  * Fix the spec to refer to `breaks-testbed' rather than `breaks-computer'.
    Report from Jakub Wilk.  Closes: #669721.
  * Manpage should refer to `*' in tests file's Depends field, not `@'.
    Report from Jakub Wilk.  Closes: #670648.
  Packaging fixes:
  * Add Recommends against pbuilder, whose dependency resolver adt-run
  * Remove runner/tmp on debian/rules clean, and add it to .gitignore,
    for convenience.

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