Bug#648148: autopkgtest: Support running as user

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Wed Jun 13 15:41:17 UTC 2012


Jakub Wilk [2012-06-12 16:44 +0200]:
> >- Change the spec to deprecate use of TMPDIR.
> >- Change the manpages not to refer to TMPDIR any more.
> >
> >What do you think ?
> I second the idea of deprecating TMPDIR and introducing another
> variable for this purpose.

I also second this ("thirded"? :-) ).

Setting $TMPDIR leads to strange effects like this:

  File "/usr/lib/python3.2/tempfile.py", line 216, in _mkstemp_inner
    fd = _os.open(file, flags, 0o600)
OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/tmp/tmp.daOkZV19Dm/ubtree0-build/tmpdir/tmp231sct'

This is a package build which runs tests during build, with $TMPDIR
set. As this initially gets created as root, the test suite is
apparently not able to access it.


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