autopkgtest'ing against multiple Python versions

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Fri Jun 15 00:23:38 UTC 2012

Jakub Wilk writes ("Re: autopkgtest'ing against multiple Python versions"):
> * Yaroslav Halchenko <debian at>, 2012-04-23, 09:17:
> >>The “failures” was caused by the following misfeature of the 
> >>specification: “if a test […] prints to stderr, it is considered to 
> >>have failed.” But nosetests does print stuff to stderr even if 
> >>everything is all right (see bug #460242).
> >yikes -- doesn't it fail if underlying "test command" returns with 
> >non-0 exit code?
> Thankfully it does. :)
> s/[…]/exits nonzero, or/ - sorry for the confusion.

I think it's correct to call stderr output a test failure.  I wrote
the spec this way because there are far too many programs which don't
deal with exit statuses properly.

If you need to tolerate stderr output, you can redirect it to stdout.


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