DEP-8 extension proposal: Add source package header

Martin Pitt mpitt at
Fri Jun 15 09:47:17 UTC 2012

Hello Stefano,

Stefano Zacchiroli [2012-06-14 23:12 +0200]:
> Thanks for the technical overview.
> > > We should just agree upon a name. But if we want to have hopes to
> > > promote it to something more official, I think it should rather be
> > > independent from autopkgtest.
> > 
> > Fully agree. It should be specific to this standard (developed as
> > DEP-8), which does not have a name yet apparently?
> That's correct, "autopkgtest" itself is the closest thing we have to a
> short name for DEP-8.

Works for me. It sounds appropriate for the standard as well, not just
for the reference implementation.

> Nah, we know better :-) As long as it is the field value (rather than
> the name) which is dep8-specific, and as long it's open ended, anything
> would do.  So if "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest" is something you could live
> with


> I think we could just go ahead with it. Could you please amend the
> patch in that direction, and making it explicit that one should look for
> the chosen tag in a space separated list [1] rather than simply testing
> for equality?
> [1] or comma separated, I don't particularly care

Went for comma separated, as everything else in debian/control is.  
So how does this sound?

--- dep8.mdwn.orig	2012-06-15 11:41:19.550094982 +0200
+++ dep8.mdwn	2012-06-15 11:43:59.050102699 +0200
@@ -30,6 +30,20 @@
 currently implemented by the
 [autopkgtest]( package.
+# Source package header
+To allow test execution environments to discover packages which provide tests,
+their source packages should have a "Testsuite:" header containing
+"autopkgtest" (which is currently the only defined value). Multiple values get
+comma separated, as usual in control files. 
+This tag can be set manually in debian/control by adding 
+  XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest
+in the "Source:" paragraph. Future versions of dpkg-source might
+add this automatically when a debian/tests/control file is present.



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