Bug#678359: autopkgtest: Depends: @ only works when building the source

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Jun 21 05:43:58 UTC 2012

Package: autopkgtest
Version: 2.2.0

When you have a package which specifies "no-build-needed", then the
package build step is (correctly) skipped. However, in that case
t.act.binaries is not initialized and left at [], and thus the @
Depends expansion:

                        for (pkg,bin) in t.act.binaries:
                                dp = d.replace('@',pkg)
                                t._debug('  synthesised dependency '+dp)

does not work. README.package-tests.gz says

  `@' stands for the package(s) generated by the source package
  containing the tests

and does not say that it only works when building the package.

This breaks test runs with e. g. 

  adt-run --no-built-binaries *.dsc --- adt-virt-null

We really do want --no-built-binaries by default, as otherwise we
would test the .debs generated in the local build, not the .debs from
the actual archive. But the point of these tests is to test what is
in the archive; that might be built differently than our local build.

IMHO the package list for @ should be generated from debian/control,
not from the generated .debs during a local build.


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