Bug#678359: autopkgtest: Depends: @ only works when building the source

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Jun 28 00:01:06 UTC 2012

Martin Pitt writes ("Bug#678359: autopkgtest: Depends: @ only works when building the source"):
> Martin Pitt [2012-06-21 11:13 +0200]:
> > Attached patch does that.
> Version 2 of the patch, this now filters out udebs.

Thanks for working on this.  Looking at it I'm not entirely clear that
the patch is right.  I'm quite tired right now and could be wrong but
it seems to me that we should be using the tree from the tree argument
to read_control.  This should probably become a new constructor
argument to Test (and correspondingly doesn't need to be an argument
to run_tests or indeed to Test.run).

And of course you should use tree.read() not tree.path[1].

(And, as a matter of style, Python `portability' stuff notwithstanding
I think the code is clearer if you avoid os.path.join and just say `/'
when you mean it.)

Is the parser in packages_from_source really correct ?  I don't think
it's a rule that the Package line must come before the others.
Perhaps it would be better to generalise the first half of
read_control until it can be reused (as a non-class function called
something like read_stanzas, I guess).


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