send best prices /based on FOB/C&F up to kingdom of Bahrain

Arai promo Wll bening at
Tue Aug 6 04:13:19 UTC 2013


Hi Dear 

 Hope my order meets you well 

Let me quickly introduce
my self i am Miss Bening of Arai Promo Wll, Arai Promo in Kingdom of
Bahrain, We are pleased to forward you attached file herewith our
requirement for supply of:- Attached Order invoice slip(Details /
Specification) to enable you prepare pre-order invoice. 

we intend to
make a large purchase from you Kindly quote your best prices based on
FOB/C&F up to kingdom of Bahrain Basis. 

Kindly also indicate Validity
of your prices and Payment terms. 

Waiting to read from you 

bening at [1] 

Kingdom of Bahrain

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