Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration, Week 13

Brandon Fairchild csbit32 at
Fri Aug 15 23:53:00 UTC 2014

Status Report for Debian Continuous Integration - Week 13

This week I worked on the code and the documentation.

Non-JS status information

Since the data charts were switched back to JavaScript no information 
was being shown on the status page when JavaScript was disabled.

As a result of work done this week, the status page will now show the 
number of passing, failing, and tmpfailing packages on a 
suite/architecture for the last two dates if JavaScript is disabled.

Fixes for the web UI

I fixed some small issues with the web interface.

The fixes include:
* Showing a link to a package's RSS feed
* Showing no link on a package page for status 'No test data'


The documentation was updated to provide more information on the debci 
Ruby API. The new information covers some methods that have been added 
to the API over the last few months. I also started to add information 
for how to work on the web UI.

Screenshots of the web UI can be found on the wiki. [0]
The code can be found on my repository. [1]

Since GSoC ends on Monday I am going to finish working on the 
documentation and the code over the weekend.

Brandon Fairchild


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