Final Report for Debian Continuous Integration

Brandon Fairchild csbit32 at
Fri Aug 22 23:57:41 UTC 2014

This is my final report for Debian Continuous Integration.

Project Summary

Debci's web UI was improved to support multiple suites and 
architectures, reduce the dependency the UI had on Javascript, and 
provide more information to package maintainers. The documentation was 
also worked on to provide information to people interested in working on 
debci (specifically the web UI).

The web interface uses statically-generated HTML which is generated 
using Ruby and ERB templates.

The main goals that I outlined for my project were all completed over 
the summer, although there were some small changes made to them. will soon be updated with my improvements.

The end of GSoC

If you are interested in the web UI, up to date screenshots are 
available on the wiki [0] and the code is on my git repository [1]. 
Additionally, I am starting a blog to recap what I have done throughout 
the program [2].

Even though Google Summer of Code is over, I plan to continue working on 
debci. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Google Summer of 



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