Bug#719215: autopkgtest: please create a QEMU virtualization server

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Thu Feb 6 08:07:20 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I now have a first working version of adt-virt-qemu. It's still rather
experimental, not documented yet, and not that easy to use yet. I
develop it in the qemu branch:


In case you want to play around with that and give early feedback:

It's unfortunately really nontrivial to get an initial "foot into the
door" with qemu. I experimented with adding an init script to the
temporary overlay that opens a root shell (but the only really
well-working tool for manipulating overlays requires root), the
current version now assumes that the VM opens a getty on ttyS0 and you
have to specify user and password as arguments. After that you specify
all disk images (in order) that should be added to the VM. I'm using
the cloud-image ones that are produced by lp:auto-package-testing's
"prepare-testbed", i. e. the main image and the cloud-init iso9660

$ ./run-from-checkout umockdev --- adt-virt-qemu -u ubuntu -p ubuntu /home/martin-scratch/adt/disks/pristine-trusty-amd64.img /home/martin-scratch/adt/disks/pristine-trusty-amd64-20140204_100603.img.seed

That's a fairly complicated test, it builds the package, needs-build
for the test, installs a fair amount of dependencies and installs
self-built packages. It survives that.

I put a TODO list in thet first git commit, and there's lots of code
and other cleanup to do still, of course.

Martin Pitt                        | http://www.piware.de
Ubuntu Developer (www.ubuntu.com)  | Debian Developer  (www.debian.org)

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