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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 11:23:32 +0100
Source: autopkgtest
Binary: autopkgtest autopkgtest-xenlvm
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.9
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Autopkgtest team <autopkgtest-devel at>
Changed-By: Martin Pitt <mpitt at>
 autopkgtest - automatic as-installed testing for Debian packages
 autopkgtest-xenlvm - autopkgtest Xen/LVM2 based testbed snapshot system
 autopkgtest (2.9) unstable; urgency=low
   New features:
   * Add "downtmp-host=<path>" testbed capability, for runners which can set up
     a shared directory between host and testbed. This is used by copyupdown to
     more efficiently copy files back and forth, and in many/most cases, don't
     explicitly copy anything at all.
   * Introduce a new testbed capability "downtmp-shared-fifo" that declares
     that testbed and the host can use a FIFO in the shared downtmp for
     communication. Use this to generalize live test output to all runners
     which declare that, not just -null.
   * Convert null, chroot, schroot, lxc, and qemu runners to use a shared
     downtmp dir. Note that qemu does not support FIFO (through the 9p file
     system), so that one does not get live test output.
   * Don't define $TMPDIR for tests any more. Having $TMPDIR in the shared dir
     isn't efficient and even breaks some tests (as they might not be able to
     put sockets etc. into it), and it's an artificial difference to the
     default system behaviour of just using /tmp. The documentation already was
     changed a long time ago to only document $ADTTMP as a scratch directory
     for tests.
   * Add test restrictions "isolation-container" and "isolation-machine", and
     corresponding testbed capabilities. Tests can use that to declare that
     they want to start services or open ports (i. e. a simple chroot/schroot
     is insufficient) or access hardware, reboot,  and interact the kernel
     (where even a container is insufficient), and will be skipped instead of
     failing when they run in a virtualization server which does not provide
     enough isolation.
   * Add manpage for adt-build-lxc script.
   * Ship adt-build-lxc script and its manpage in the package.
   Documentation updates:
   * doc/README.package-tests: Some stylistic updates, and add section headers.
   * adt-virt-lxc.1: Point to, and show how to use adt-build-lxc.
   * Add doc/README.running-tests: Overview of how to run adt-run, most common
     scenarios, and available virtualization servers with their pros/cons.
   Bug fixes:
   * tests: Copy tests/home/ into a temporary dir and set $HOME to that, to
     avoid cluttering the source dir.
   * Don't produce empty stderr/stdout files with --output-dir. (LP: #1282866)
   * adt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud: Install linux-generic, to get the full kernel
     (needed for e. g. udisks2 to get scsi_debug).
   * tests: Add a broken symlink to testpkg, to ensure that copying trees
     around gets along with those.
   * adt-run: Always use fakeroot with adt-virt-qemu, to work around chown
     failing on 9p.
   * xen/initscript: Always source /lib/lsb/init-functions. (Thanks lintian)
   * tests/adt-run: Increase timeout in NullRunner.test_timeout_long_build to
     avoid failure on slow architectures.
   * adt-build-lxc: Properly wait for finished container boot instead of a
     static 10 second sleep.
   * adt-build-lxc: Only flush the cache when updating an existing container.
 a7638d74935bd20f8dc5a075c72af6b147d171d7 1731 autopkgtest_2.9.dsc
 8d25c224f72cd68eae7bbfb3b4264abff273ed2f 115157 autopkgtest_2.9.tar.gz
 52b5608dae6b8843c01022185292d0b08a5c8f85 75704 autopkgtest_2.9_all.deb
 fa426ef903d64528622f733de8b98fee23c36844 46904 autopkgtest-xenlvm_2.9_all.deb
 22800dc2c48e98c48a039f0178f7e0560b3c0c5af382fc4faa7217134ba36891 1731 autopkgtest_2.9.dsc
 524ef5a79212f7e5c93536ac4b8a2a5772bcb6bc0a2443ad7c74ca40ae387829 115157 autopkgtest_2.9.tar.gz
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 2a3d8542ec89f5c4759cd7ea5094863067c22e2fe9dc310e038929450822155b 46904 autopkgtest-xenlvm_2.9_all.deb
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